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How can I remotely control a generator on my cell phone?

July 01, 2022
Under normal circumstances, people's daily life and enterprise production of electricity required by the utility supply, when the utility power restrictions or other reasons to interrupt the power supply, in order to ensure basic production and life, it is necessary to equip diesel generator sets, in recent years, with the rapid development of the economy and the uneven distribution of resources makes the role of diesel generator sets in the national economic development more and more significant. The traditional mode of operation of diesel generator sets requires manual operation on site, with the continuous progress of technology, diesel generator sets have been realized by cell phone or computer remote control, you can view the operating parameters and operating conditions of the unit at any time.
At present, all diesel generator sets are retrofitted with the top Bo cloud platform management system, which realizes intelligent operation, remote monitoring, remote operation and other functions. Users only need to download the set cloud APP and log in, they can view all data such as real-time data, historical data, alarm analysis, running time, positioning navigation, etc. At the same time, they can realize manual, shutdown, start, close, divide and other operation control, in order to improve the safety management of enterprises coefficient, users can also perform member management.
Enterprise account/administrator: Enterprise account can authorize and release administrator, administrator can assign member role and can choose to manage the department and its subordinate departments.
Senior member/common member: Senior member can modify controller parameters and view control code, common member cannot modify controller parameters and has no right to view control code.
Visitor: You can only view the unit information shared through the unit number. After joining the enterprise cloud, you can add units through the cloud cat ID.