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How long do I have to change the oil for the cumulative operation of the silent generator?

July 22, 2022
The oil plays a role in reducing friction, lubrication, cooling and sealing during the operation of the silent generator, can make the diesel generator set to maintain good performance normal operation, but with the accumulation of running time, users should pay attention to timely replacement of oil, in general, the silent diesel generator set in the first 50 hours of work, or medium repair, 50 hours after the overhaul, you need the oil and oil filter at the same time Replacement, after each cumulative working time of 250 hours should be replaced once the oil, starting frequently can often run at high speed under heavy load should shorten the replacement cycle. In addition, the user can also be based on the following two methods to determine whether to replace the oil of the silent generator.
1, with two diameter 0.5 cm, 20 cm long glass test tube, respectively, filled with 19 cm of new oil and used oil, sealed two tubes at the same time inverted, record the bubble rise time, if the difference between the two more than 20%, it means that the used oil viscosity drop too much, need to be replaced.
2, the new oil and used oil each drop in the white filter paper comparison, such as used oil drops have more black dots, indicating that the oil has not deteriorated, should not be replaced; such as the oil is dark brown, it is deteriorated, should be replaced.
Many users believe that the diesel generator set to replace the oil on time, it will be somewhat tedious, in this top Bo power to remind the unit users, do not because of too much trouble and do not replace the oil in a timely manner, otherwise it will cause the following adverse consequences.
First of all, long-term oil replacement will lead to silent generator power shortage, and even damage the engine. During the operation of the engine, there is relative sliding between the piston and the cylinder. If the lubrication capacity of the oil is not sufficient, the parts will be severely worn and the power of the unit will be reduced.
In addition, if the cooling effect of the oil is reduced, the engine will not be cooled in time, and the long-term temperature will be too high and the service life will be shortened. Too much oil will bring more resistance to the engine and not enough oil will affect lubrication and heat dissipation, so when changing oil, the scale of the dipstick should be strictly followed and not exceeded or lower than the scale.
Secondly, the oil can wash off some impurities on the engine parts, such as the generated carbide, sludge and other substances, which have a cleaning effect on the engine. When you change the oil, you should also change the engine filter. If it is not replaced for a long time, it will directly lead to the engine filter clogging, and lose the role of intercepting impurities in the oil. At this time, the oil will flow directly from the bypass valve back to the engine, thus leading to increased internal wear.
If the engine is not changed for a long time, there will be more and more impurities and contaminants, which will lose the cleaning effect during the cycle, and will also lead to engine failure due to the blockage of impurities.