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How much is the quotation for 200KW diesel generator set?

May 17, 2022
In fact, it is impossible to directly give an exact figure for the price of the 200KW diesel generator set. Even the same power diesel generator set will be affected by many factors. According to the specific configuration, brand, etc., the price of the 200KW diesel generator set is between 50,000-150,000. Never wait.
1. Brand. Brands like Cummins diesel generators have the advantages of long life, long overhaul period, low fuel consumption, strong power, long-term continuous use and emergency backup power. Different natural brands offer different prices.
2. Configuration. There are many configurations of diesel generator sets. In addition to the standard configuration, there are also optional configurations (extra cost) such as mobile trailers, rain shelters, automation, silent boxes, etc. Different configuration functions have different quotations, and users should choose according to specific work needs. Appropriate unit configuration. 
3. Supply. The amount of supply also determines the price of diesel generator sets. When there is excess demand, the quotation of diesel generator sets drops, the supply is less than the demand, and the diesel generator sets rise. Therefore, stable diesel generator set prices require mature market control.
4. Demand. The amount of market demand affects the quotation of diesel generator sets. When demand increases, offers go up, while demand decreases, offers go down. The weather is getting hotter and hotter, the electricity consumption has increased significantly, and the natural weather will also bring about an increase in the price of diesel generator sets. When the weather is cold, relatively speaking, the demand for generators will decrease, and the price of diesel generator sets will drop.
5. Value. The quality of the diesel generator set also affects the quotation. The price of diesel generator sets fluctuates around the value of diesel generator sets.
6. Sufficient imported accessories and consumables. Buyers can comprehensively consider these conditions and select suitable suppliers.