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How much storage capacity is required for diesel generator sets used for fire fighting emergencies?

July 22, 2022
Diesel generator sets are often used as emergency backup power, when used as a fire emergency diesel generator set, because the frequency of use is not high, each time the use of time is not certain, so the user should regularly check the unit to ensure that the unit can run quickly and reliably when needed, in addition, the user should prepare in advance enough fuel to meet the needs of emergency use, then the diesel generator set for fire emergency How much fuel storage is needed for the diesel generator set for fire fighting?
As a fire emergency power supply, you need to consider whether the power of the unit is enough for the unit's fire backup power. This is usually considered in the purchase of generator sets, as a fire emergency power use, please be sure to choose reliable operation, power enough generator! Ensure that when an accident or fire occurs, the power of the unit can drive the relevant machinery to run, and the amount of oil stored in the generator can be used during the duration of the fire.
And how much fuel storage needs to be prepared, this needs to be calculated according to the power of the diesel generator set, fuel consumption rate and other circumstances.
Assuming that the duration of a fire in a warehouse is 3 hours, the generator per kilowatt per hour fuel consumption of about 0.25L for calculation, 100Kw generator sets need to prepare: 100 * 0.25 * 3 = 75L diesel. Where the 0.25L this value, please consult the manufacturer's personnel to obtain, corresponding to the calculation can be.
Top Bo power reminder: in fact, not only the fire emergency diesel generator sets need to prepare sufficient storage capacity, as long as the emergency diesel generator sets, there are requirements for storage capacity, different power diesel generator sets, there are different requirements for storage capacity, after all, consumption is different, the general requirement is not less than 8 hours of oil. In addition, when storing fuel should pay attention to fire prevention, avoid the surrounding flammable and explosive items.