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How to check the diesel generator gear chamber and gear chamber cover?

June 24, 2022
Diesel generator set is a kind of machinery with high precision of parts and components, so it is very strict in maintenance and assembly, a slight difference may lead to the existence of potential problems of the set, in order to ensure the stable performance of the set, this article introduces you to the inspection and assembly of gear room and gear room cover.
How to check the gear chamber and gear chamber cover
1、Check whether there are cracks, leaks or other damages, and repair them depending on the specific situation.
2、Check the threads of the studs, and replace them if damaged.
3、Check the thread of the screw, if the thread is damaged, then use the thread set and repair.
4、If the locating pin is damaged, replace the locating pin, or expand the pin hole, with a larger size of the locating pin.
5、When the power steering pump is not used, a plug needs to be installed in the power steering shaft hole of the integral gear chamber.
6、Remove and scrap all oil seal rings and measure the bushings for wear.
7, check the gear chamber cover for cracks, leaks or other damage, repair if necessary, crankshaft oil seal, water pump oil seal and the oil seal of the accessory drive unit, in the gear chamber cover installed on the engine and then installed.
The above seven points are how to check the gear chamber, gear chamber cover when the generator maintenance, repair should be from the inside out, to avoid crumbs fall into the engine, if you need to replace the gear chamber, the following method of installation.
1、Check the cleanliness of the gear chamber installation surface or defects caused by the transportation process or other defects.
2、First press the locating pin into the locating pin hole on the front face of the cylinder block, install the process locating pin in the corresponding position of the cylinder block, put the gear chamber gasket on the process locating pin, then install the gear chamber, screw the other four bolts by hand, and then tighten the other bolts.
3、Remove the three process positioning pins, hand-tighten the three bolts and make sure the gasket is still aligned, then tighten the rest of the bolts.
4、Check the unevenness of the oil sump mounting surface of the gear chamber and the cylinder oil sump mounting surface, it should be within ±0.13mm, if the gasket is higher than the oil sump mounting surface, it should be trimmed with a knife to not higher than the oil sump mounting surface by 0.25mm.