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How to diagnose whether the diesel generator set is shaking due to improper support?

July 12, 2022
Many users may encounter diesel generator sets in the work of the phenomenon of shaking, in general, the unit shaking for a number of reasons: like dirty air filter, high pressure line disconnection, water temperature is not normal, injector blockage, carbon, oil scale blockage and so on may cause engine shaking. In addition, the diesel generator set improper support will also cause shaking, to confirm whether the diesel generator set due to improper support and shaking, it is recommended that the user combined with the sound to determine.
1, for the in situ starting engine, if there is no obvious noise generated by the shaking, indicating that the support is not solid caused by, should carefully check whether the suspension is broken, fixed bolt is loose, whether the buffer block is damaged or off, and timely repair.
2、If the engine does not shake in situ, and it is shaking after the drive axle is put in gear, it means that the coaxiality deviation of the transmission part is too large, and the mounts should be carefully checked to see if they are displaced. Check the method is: while erecting the drive axle, loosen the engine fixing bolts, start the engine running, observe the engine mounts have no swing phenomenon, if there is swing, it is certainly the transmission part of the coaxiality deviation is too large, should be adjusted.
3, if the diesel generator engine starts in situ after a strange noise, and the exhaust smoke color is not correct, it should be excluded by the injection is not correct, uneven oil supply to each cylinder and individual cylinder does not work.
4, for the use of a long time or in the harsh environment of the engine, if the noise is more obvious, depending on the looseness of the parts, be overhauled.
5, for just after the overhaul of the diesel generator set shaking, should consider whether it belongs to the dynamic balance failure caused by the unit shaking.
When the diesel generator set is found in the start after the successful emergence of abnormal, irregular vibration, diesel generator set failure, it is necessary to stop and check, no matter what the cause of the generator set shaking, we must promptly identify the source of shaking to solve the hidden problems of failure.