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How to disassemble flywheel, flywheel housing and oil seal when repairing diesel generator set?

June 25, 2022
For four-stroke diesel generators, every four piston strokes do work once, that is, only the work stroke does work, while the exhaust, intake and compression three strokes to consume work. Therefore, the crankshaft external torque output is cyclical, crankshaft speed is also unstable, in order to improve this situation, the flywheel is usually installed at the back end of the crankshaft.
The flywheel of diesel generator set is generally made of ductile iron or cast steel with very high strength. Its main function is to store the energy generated by the work stroke and overcome the auxiliary stroke of air intake, compression and exhaust stroke, which can make the torque output of diesel generator more uniform. When the diesel generator set failure needs to be repaired, it may be necessary to disassemble the flywheel, flywheel housing and oil seal, this top Bo power for you to introduce these removal methods.
1、Remove the flywheel
Remove the two radially opposed flywheel mounting screws, install two guide studs on the crankshaft flange to support the flywheel when removing it, remove the rest of the mounting screws on the flywheel, install two full-length threaded screws so that when the flywheel is removed from the crankshaft to play the role of the top flywheel, remove the flywheel.
2、Remove the flywheel housing and oil seal
Remove the oil seal plate, exhaust gas seal and O-ring, fasten the flywheel housing to the mounting screw on the cylinder block, and screw two guide studs on the cylinder block to support the flywheel housing when disassembling.
3、Tap the back side of the flywheel housing with a soft-faced hammer to make the flywheel housing release the locating pin, and use a suitable lifting device and hoist to lift out the flywheel housing from the guiding studs.