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How to effectively prevent corrosion of diesel generator set wet cylinder liner?

June 27, 2022
We know the causes and forms of corrosion of the diesel generator set wet cylinder liner, then for this phenomenon, the user has no way to solve it? In fact, with the development of the industry, the diesel generator set cylinder liner corrosion prevention work requirements are getting higher and higher, in recent years, technical experts are exploring the methods of cylinder liner corrosion, the development of some preventive measures to ensure continuous operation of diesel generator sets, extend the service life of diesel engines have achieved better results, the current cylinder liner corrosion can be taken from the following two aspects of the following measures.
A, the use of aspects
1, the diesel generator set work process to be soft, combustion process pressure rise rate to be small, to avoid the occurrence of "deflagration".
2, the cooling water to maintain the appropriate temperature, cooling water temperature is too low, will affect the quality of diesel combustion, prone to "burst", will lead to cavitation tendency more serious, top Bo power recommended that the cooling water temperature control at about 90 ° C is appropriate.
3, water quality to maintain neutral. In the case of other factors are the same, the water quality is good or bad on the cylinder liner corrosion has a great impact, such as some mining areas contain sulfur in the water, the corrosion of the cylinder liner will be more serious than other areas. And we use the water, most of the hard water, before joining the cooling system should be "softening treatment", both simple and feasible and save money is to add lime, soda ash in the water, so that the impurities contained in the deep separation, and then use.
4, reduce the vibration of the cylinder liner. In the case allowed, should try to reduce the piston and the cylinder liner and the cylinder liner and the cylinder block between the fit gap.
5, so that the cooling water tank to maintain a full state, the cooling system pipeline should be sealed to prevent gas rushing into the tank.
Second, add corrosion inhibitor - NL type emulsified anti-corrosion oil
NL-type emulsified anti-corrosion oil is our own life of a new emulsified coolant for high-speed, high horsepower diesel generator set cooling system, with easy to use, non-toxic, anti-corrosion, anti-scaling and good heat dissipation performance, can extend the service life of diesel generator set of new cooling water treatment agent.
On the prevention of diesel generator wet cylinder liner corrosion measures, I believe we are clear, top Bo power warm tip: to diesel generator set can continue to work steadily, extend the service life, the user in the daily use of the process must strictly comply with the operating procedures, at the same time to pay attention to the unit for regular maintenance.