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How to properly store the diesel generator battery after it has been activated?

July 22, 2022
The battery is the power supply equipment when starting the diesel generator set, there are three kinds of batteries commonly used in diesel generator sets: 6V, 12V and 24V, which are used in different types of diesel generator sets, the ordinary lead battery has the characteristics of low price, reliable power supply and stable voltage, which is widely used, but the diesel generator set is usually used as emergency backup power, and it is usually not used in daily situations, when the battery How do we properly store it after it is activated?
Wet storage can be used for a month or so
Wet storage is mainly used for lead batteries with short storage time, generally the storage period does not exceed six months. If the used lead battery is not used for a month or so, the normal charging method can be used to make the electrolyte concentration and liquid level adjusted to the specified standard. Tighten the liquid injection cover, wipe the dust and acid on the battery shell and cover with a cloth, and store it in a ventilated and dry room with the room temperature at 5~30°C as appropriate.
To store the battery, must remove the attachment on its terminals, and strictly prevent easy to conduct objects and other metal equipment on the battery cover and cause a short circuit. If the storage period is more than three months, in order to reduce self-discharge, it is better to lower the density of sulfuric acid electrolyte to 1.100kg/L, and raise it to 1.280~1.300kg/L when it is in use. During the storage period, it is better to conduct 10h rate full charge and full discharge once a quarter. Full charging means charging with 10h rate charging current value until fully charged, and full discharging means discharging with 10h rate until termination voltage. If the storage period is within three months, it is better to check the voltage and electrolyte concentration of the battery once every half month. In addition to this, the battery should be charged normally once a month, so as to avoid irreversible sulfation of the pole plate.
Dry storage can be used when storing for a long time
In dry storage, firstly, the battery is fully charged by overcharging method, and then discharged by 10h rate until the voltage of single cell is 1.75V. Pour out the electrolyte, pour in distilled water, pour out the distilled water after soaking for 3h, and then pour in distilled water again, rinse it again and again, until the distilled water in the battery does not contain acid, pour out the water, screw the liquid cover, and close the escape hole. When it is restarted, it must be filled with new electrolyte and can be used only after the initial charging.
Through the above introduction we know that different storage time, the user can choose different storage methods, can not use any storage method, should strictly follow the storage requirements, otherwise the battery will be possible in the process of storage to make the damage occurred.