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How to use generator set coolant

April 14, 2022
The role of the diesel generator set coolant is to dissipate a large amount of heat generated during the operation of the unit to ensure the normal use of the unit. So how to use generator set coolant? What are the details to pay attention to?
1. Use clean soft water
Soft water usually includes rainwater, snow water and river water, etc. These waters contain few minerals and are suitable for diesel generator engines. The content of minerals in well water, spring water and tap water is high. These minerals are easily deposited on the radiator wall, water jacket and water channel wall to form scale and rust, which makes the heat dissipation capacity of the unit worse, and easily leads to the engine of the unit. overheat. The added water must be clean. The impurities in the water will block the water channel and increase the wear of the pump impeller and other components. If hard water is used, it must be softened in advance. The softening methods usually include heating method and adding lye (commonly caustic soda) method.
2. Do not start without cooling water
Some users, because there is no water source or because the water source is far away, the diesel generator set is in urgent need of use and often adopts the method of starting first and then adding water, which is very harmful. After the diesel generator set is dry started, because there is no cooling water in the body, the engine parts of the unit heat up rapidly, especially the temperature of the cylinder head and the water jacket outside the fuel injector of the diesel engine is particularly high. If cooling water is added at this time, the cylinder head And the water jacket is prone to cracks or deformation due to quenching.
3. Do not drain the diesel generator set at high temperature
When the diesel generator set is running for a long time and the temperature of the unit is too different from the temperature of the external environment, the cooling water should be discharged after 15-30 minutes after the shutdown, when the water temperature drops. Emission is carried out when the machine is stopped, otherwise the temperature difference between the fuselage and the external environment will be too large, causing some parts of the diesel generator set to deform, thereby affecting the performance of the diesel engine.
4. Prevent burns when "opening the pot"
After the radiator of the diesel generator set is "opened", do not blindly open the water tank cover to prevent burns. The correct way is: idling for a while before turning off the generator, and then unscrew the radiator cover after the temperature of the generator set and the pressure of the water tank drop. When unscrewing, cover the lid with a towel or car cloth to prevent hot water and steam from being sprayed on your face and body. Do not look down at the water tank with your head. After unscrewing it, quickly withdraw your hands. When there is no hot air or steam, remove the water tank cover to prevent burns.
 5. When the water release is about to be completed, idle the diesel engine for a few laps
When the cooling water stops flowing out, it means that the water discharge work is about to be completed. The diesel engine should be used to start the motor to idle the diesel generator set for several turns, so that the remaining water and the water that is not easy to flow out can be drained by the vibration of the diesel engine. After the water is drained, the drain switch should be open to prevent cooling water. It can't flow out for a while and freeze the corresponding parts of the diesel engine, causing unnecessary losses.
6. Check whether the water outlet is blocked or not
When discharging water, you can't turn on the water discharge switch and leave it alone. Instead, you should pay attention to investigate the details of the water flow in the surrounding area. First, check whether the water flow is smooth, and see if the water flow becomes smaller or faster or slower. If these conditions occur, it means that the cooling water contains impurities, which hinder the normal outflow of the water. At this time, the best way is to remove the drain switch and let the cooling water flow directly from the body. If it is found that the water flow is still not smooth, then at this time, a hard and slender steel object such as iron wire should be used to dredge until the water flow is smooth.
7. Add antifreeze in winter
In the cold winter, some users will choose to drain the cooling water after the unit stops running in order to avoid freezing cracking of the engine and radiator, and then add water before the next use. When the water can not be started in time after adding water, it is easy to freeze in the lower water chamber of the water tank and the water inlet pipe, causing the water to fail to circulate, and even causing the radiator and the cylinder to burst and crack. Filling with antifreeze can avoid the above freezing phenomenon as much as possible.
8. Antifreeze should be of high quality
At present, the quality of antifreeze on the market is uneven, and many are shoddy. If the antifreeze does not contain preservatives, it will seriously corrode the engine cylinder head, water jacket, radiator, water blocking ring, rubber parts and other components, and at the same time generate a large amount of scale, which will cause poor engine heat dissipation and cause overheating failure of diesel generator sets. Therefore, we must choose the products of regular diesel generator set manufacturers. The heat dissipation of diesel generator sets is a problem that cannot be ignored. The diesel generator set coolant is responsible for dissipating a large amount of heat generated by the diesel generator set during operation. Users should pay attention to the relevant details mentioned above when using the coolant, so as to ensure the continuous work of the generator set.