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If encountered with flooding, how to properly handle the water inside the diesel generator set unfortunately?

July 22, 2022
With the continuous development of society, diesel generator sets are no longer only used in industrial production, in various sectors of the social economy have its figure, due to the application of diesel generator sets are more complex occasions, not only indoor, many outdoor occasions also use diesel generator sets, and with the recent continuous precipitation in the south of China, many places have flooding, flooding and other natural disasters, diesel generator sets are subject to The constraints of the structure, can not be completely waterproof, if the generator may have water inside or be impregnated, should take the necessary measures.
When the internal diesel generator set may have water or be impregnated, the first thing you must do is to absolutely prohibit the operation of the engine, to immediately disconnect the external power supply and battery connection line, can not run the engine, and can not try to disk crankshaft, and then check the specific water into the situation.
1. Check whether there is water discharge from the drainage components of the exhaust pipe (the lowest part of the exhaust pipe or muffler).
2. Check whether there is water in the air filter housing and whether the filter element is impregnated with water.
3. Check whether there is water at the bottom of the generator casing.
4. Check whether the radiator, fan, coupling and other rotating parts are blocked.
5. External whether there is oil, fuel or water leakage.
6. Remove the rocker chamber cover and observe if there is water ingress.
7. Check the generator winding insulation/pollution.
Main stator winding: Minimum insulation resistance to ground is 1.0MΩ.
Excitation rotor/main rotor: minimum insulation resistance value to ground is 0.5MΩ.
8. Test the insulation of the control circuit and output circuit.
9. Test the control panel module, each instrument, alarm device, and start switch.
When the diesel generator set may have water or be impregnated inside the handling method
1. Start the generator set when it is judged that there is no water in the combustion chamber of the generator set engine and the insulation meets the requirements.
2. Perform all checks before starting, including discharging the water accumulated in the fuel tank.
3. The electrical system is gradually powered up and observed for any abnormalities.
4. Start the engine continuously for no more than 30 seconds. If the engine does not fire, check the fuel line and electrical circuit, and start again after one or two minutes.
5. Check whether the engine sound is abnormal and whether there is any odor.
6. Check whether the display of electrical instruments and LCD screen are broken or not displayed clearly.
7. Closely observe the oil pressure and water temperature, if the oil pressure or temperature does not meet the technical specifications, the engine should be shut down.
8. After shutting down the engine, check the oil level once.
If the diesel generator set all in the occurrence of serious water caused by the engine into the water, it can be judged that the cylinder has basically been filled with water, due to the water is difficult to be compressed, resulting in the piston can not reach the original upper stop position, the piston stroke becomes short, the engine simply can not start, at this time the diesel engine should be disassembled and inspected according to the overhaul standards. Disassemble the cylinder head, pull out the piston, cylinder liner and other four supporting parts for replacement, remove the crankshaft to clean the scale and rust spots, replace the connecting rod tile, crankshaft tile and all supporting 0-shaped seals, crankshaft front and rear oil seals and other parts, according to technical requirements, and according to the new machine maintenance requirements.