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Ignore the diesel filter these maintenance problems, the filter will become a device

June 30, 2022
Diesel generator diesel filter is to filter out harmful impurities and water in the fuel system, to ensure the cleanliness of the fuel entering the combustion system, to protect the normal work of the engine, reduce wear and tear, avoid blockage, and improve engine life. In the use of diesel generator sets, generator manufacturers generally always emphasize that users should use clean diesel fuel in line with the brand, so some users think that the diesel fuel filled through the three-stage filtration, and after a long time sedimentation, is certainly very clean, thus neglecting the maintenance of the diesel fuel filter, so that the filter is virtually useless, will have a very negative impact on the unit. The following top Bo power for you to list a few easy to neglect the problem, see if you have made the same mistake.
1, some users in the maintenance of diesel fuel filter, lost the upper and lower sealing rubber gasket and oil cover of the filter element, so that the diesel fuel is not filtered by the filter core, but from the gap between the filter element and the filter cover without resistance to flow into the inner cavity of the filter element, so that the diesel fuel filter loses its filtering and purifying effect.
2, some users will diesel filter tray and spring position upside down, or even throw them away, so that the diesel filter cover in and out of the oil hole in the open state, diesel can not be filtered and directly into the injection pump.
3, some people in the maintenance of diesel generator set, disassemble the filter, found that its internal and filter element is particularly clean, no impurities and water, that is, the use of diesel is very clean. I do not know, this is an illusion, is due to the filter element filter paper material loose, microporous too large and caused by, when the filter paper has not played a filtering role. If in the process of use, found that the diesel engine fuel system of the three precision couples, especially the plunger vice wear serious, it may be caused by poor quality filter element.
Diesel generator fuel system on the diesel fuel cleanliness requirements are very high, the user should pay great attention to the three filter parts, in addition to not neglecting the regular maintenance of the fuel filter, but also pay attention to regular maintenance checks, timely replacement of the filter element, do not let the diesel filter become useless ornaments.