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In order for the diesel generator set to operate normally and stably at any time, regular and effective maintenance is essential

June 16, 2022
Today, many businesses have backup diesel generator sets as an effective measure to prevent unexpected power outages. However, for diesel generator sets to start easily and run stably at all times, generators need to be effectively and regularly maintained to ensure that They are able to function when needed. Without proper maintenance, diesel generator sets are likely to fail suddenly when you need them most, affecting the normal power supply and causing unnecessary losses to the business.
Part of diesel generator maintenance is regular inspection of generator set components such as automatic transfer switches, control panels, trailers and other accessories. Diesel generator maintenance must also include proper fuel storage, and the fuel must be changed annually to ensure that the generator set is not damaged when you turn it on.
In addition to regular maintenance, users also need to run diesel generator sets regularly
For exact details on using a diesel generator and ensuring optimum performance when you need it most, follow the generator set manufacturer's recommendations. There are also regulations that may require specific operating cycles depending on the purpose of the generator. For example, nursing homes and assisted living facilities in some areas regularly test emergency backup generators in a manner that simulates a power outage.
At the same time, two types of generator operation should be performed: no-load operation and loaded operation. Running on load is to prepare the generator and other components required to use the generator to generate electricity in an emergency. Running the generator under load for extended periods of time also prevents carbon and moisture build-up.
As a general rule, diesel generators should be run with no load between weekly and monthly. Load testing should be done monthly or quarterly. Whether you're relying on automation or running your generator manually, it should be done under supervision. This way, if a problem is detected, an in-house technician or generator specialist can remedy it as quickly as possible, protecting you and your business in the event of a true power outage.
In addition, proper diesel generator maintenance can prevent accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. A malfunctioning generator could release excess carbon monoxide into the air, endangering the health and life of employees. When your diesel generator set is located in the basement, please make sure that the engine room is properly ventilated.