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Introduction of diesel generator set high pressure fuel supply system of piston injection pump

June 27, 2022
Diesel generator set high-pressure fuel supply system mainly consists of injection pumps, injectors and other components, the structure of many forms. Injection pump according to its structure and work can be broadly divided into two categories: plunger injection pump, injection pump an injector and distribution injection pump, plunger injection pump performance, reliable and durable, easy to maintain, for most of the diesel generator sets are currently used, this top Bo power will introduce you to the plunger injection pump.
1, the function of the injection pump and the basic requirements
Injection pump (also known as high-pressure oil pump) is the "heart" of the diesel engine, is the most important part of the diesel generator set fuel supply system. Its function is to increase the pressure of the diesel generator set, and according to the requirements of the diesel generator set working process, the fuel is delivered to the combustion chamber regularly and quantitatively.
The basic requirements for the injection pump
(1) Supply fuel at regular intervals according to the requirements of diesel generator set working cycle.
(2) According to the working load of diesel generator set, supply fuel quantitatively, increase the amount of fuel supply when the load is large, and reduce it vice versa, and ensure that the fuel supply to each cylinder is even, generally the difference between cylinders is not more than 3%.
(3) The fuel supply is required both to start sharply and to ensure that the fuel is stopped quickly to avoid dripping from the injector. Injector pump structure in many forms, the injection pump is commonly used before the plunger up and down movement to pump diesel, so called plunger injection pump. Multi-cylinder diesel generator sets on the injection pump of each cylinder can be installed in their respective shells (i.e., monoblock pump), such as the Z12V240 diesel injection pump. Can also be combined in a shell (i.e., the overall pump), such as the Z12V 190B diesel engine with the injection pump. Although there are differences in the structure, but the principle is the same.