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Introduction of various sensors of Cummins diesel generator set

May 17, 2022
The sensor of diesel generator set is generally composed of three parts: sensitive element, conversion element and conversion circuit. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the technical level of diesel generator sets is also constantly improving. Especially all kinds of sensors of Sino-foreign joint venture brand diesel generator sets, their precision is getting higher and higher, and the requirements for various parameters of diesel generators are becoming more and more strict. This article JUNVOCH will analyze the function and detection of various sensors of Cummins diesel generator set for you.
1. Coolant (water) temperature sensor
The Cummins diesel generator set coolant (water) temperature sensor is a cylinder located on the right front side, its function is to control the fan rotation, adjust the starting fuel supply, control the injection timing and engine protection. The general operating range of diesel generators is -40-140 °C.
The failure of the coolant (water) temperature sensor will lead to lower engine speed and power drop, difficult to start, the generator will be shut down, if the diesel generator is designed with a protection function, then the temperature sensor used, the thermal sensor two-wire, two-wire The power and guard wires for the control sensor are supplied with two wires. Thermistor means that the resistance value will decrease with the increase of temperature. Therefore, we can use the multimeter to test the resistance value of the temperature sensor of the wire plug, and compare it with the normal value to judge if the temperature sensor works normally or not. The temperature sensor listed here is the normal range of parameters applicable to all other JV diesel generator series temperature sensors.
2. Fuel temperature sensor
The sensor is mounted on top of the inner fuel filter housing. Its function is to control the fuel heater and protect the diesel generator through sensor signals. Its working range is -40℃-140℃. Sensor failure will affect the performance of the engine. It is serviced in the same way as the coolant temperature sensor.
3. Air pressure sensor
The sensor is installed in the diesel generator ECM800. Its function is to enable the sensor's signal to determine the current atmospheric pressure.
 4. Speed ​​sensor (crankshaft speed sensor)
The sensor is installed in the front gear housing of the diesel generator set, its function is to test the pulse ge and calculate the engine speed and control the oil supply. The failure of the speed sensor will lead to insufficient power of the diesel generator set, unstable idle speed, emission of white smoke, and difficulty in starting or closing the set.