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Introduction to the composition and characteristics of the automatic control system for diesel generator sets

June 09, 2022
The automatic control system is an important part of the diesel generator set. Its main functions mainly include automatic maintenance of the ready-to-run state, automatic starting and loading, automatic shutdown, automatic paralleling and unloading, automatic replenishment, unattended time, automatic protection, etc. In order to let users have a more comprehensive understanding of diesel generator sets, Tingbo Power will give you a detailed introduction below, let's take a look.
       The composition of automatic control system of diesel generator set
       1. Program control.
       The automatic control system of diesel generator set is controlled according to the pre-designed operation sequence. The control signal only plays a discrete role, and the parameter is a switch value. The form of the control signal, usually taken from the result of several operational logic operations. For example, the start and stop of the unit belong to the program control.
       2. Simulation control.
       By measuring the actual value of the operating parameters of the equipment, comparing it with the set value, and adjusting the corresponding physical quantity of the equipment according to its deviation, the control and adjustment are realized. This kind of control signal works continuously, and the parameters are usually analog quantities. It can also be converted into discrete quantities of time by means of timing sampling, but no matter how big the deviation is, it should be continuously adjusted following the set value. For example, the regulation of frequency and voltage, etc., belongs to analog control.
       3. Operation management control.
       Operation management control refers to calling various automatic devices or corresponding programs in sequence according to the requirements of various operating conditions and actual needs of the load set manually to operate the diesel generator set to achieve the purpose of safe control and economical operation.
       Features of automatic control system for diesel generator sets
       1. Maintain the continuity and reliability of the power supply.
       The automatic control system can accurately and quickly adjust the operation of the diesel generator set. When the generator set is in an abnormal state, the automatic control system can correctly judge and deal with it in time, and issue a corresponding alarm signal or emergency shutdown to avoid damage to the generator set. At the same time, it can also automatically start the standby generator set, shorten the power outage time, and ensure the continuity of power supply.
       2. Improve power quality indicators and operating economy, and keep all electrical equipment in good working condition.
Electrical equipment has high requirements on the frequency and voltage of electrical energy, and the allowable deviation range is very small. The automatic voltage regulator keeps the voltage constant, and the governor is manipulated to adjust the frequency. Automated diesel power plants rely on automatic adjustment devices to complete the adjustment of frequency and useful power.
       3. Speed ​​up the control and operation process and improve the continuity and stability of the system. After the automation of the diesel power station is realized, the operation status can be changed in time to meet the system requirements, the unit operation process is carried out uninterruptedly according to the predetermined order, and its completion can be continuously monitored. Taking the emergency starter generator set as an example, if manual operation is used, it will take 5~7 minutes at the fastest. If automatic control is adopted, it can usually start successfully and restore power supply in less than 10s.
       4. Reduce operators and improve working conditions. The environmental conditions during the operation of the machine room are quite harsh, which affects the health of the operators. The automatic control system of diesel generator sets creates conditions for unmanned duty.