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Introduction to the design of camshaft camshaft for diesel generator sets

June 24, 2022
The cam is the main component of the camshaft and, like the camshaft, is the core part of the valve train of a diesel generator set. The profile of the camshaft cams determines how and when the valves open and close, and they play an important role in volumetric efficiency. The shape of the cam controls the speed and degree of valve opening and the speed of valve closing, and there are various designs of cams on the camshaft at present
Valve lift is determined by the shape of the camshaft cam profile and is very important because lift shows how much the valve will be able to open. Camshaft lift is the height that the cam can reach from the base circle diameter upwards. Camshaft period measures how long the valves remain open.
The shape of the cam profile, i.e. where it starts and ends at the base circle, determines the camshaft period. The camshaft cycle is expressed in terms of the angle of rotation. The opening and closing cams on the camshaft cam are used to lift the valves and allow them to close. The cams may have a variety of profiles, depending on the speed at which the valves need to open and close. For example, for some camshafts, it may be necessary to open the valves gradually and then close them slowly without sudden jumps.
The top of the cam is called the cam top and its length determines how long the valve will remain in the fully open position. The top of the cam may have a variety of different profile shapes depending on how long the valve needs to remain in the fully open position. The cam heel of a camshaft is the bottom part of the camshaft profile. When the tappet or valve moves in the cam heel section, the valve is in the fully closed position. These characteristics of the cam profile determine the specific characteristics of the valve opening process, i.e., time and speed.
The design of camshaft camshaft of diesel generator set is introduced to you here. For the structure of diesel generator set, users can observe and understand more in combination with the real thing, which is more convenient to deepen your understanding of the set and has important significance for the use and maintenance of diesel generator set in general.