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Introduction to the external fuel tank of diesel generator sets

June 16, 2022
Diesel generator set is a widely used generator at present. Generally, diesel generator set has an internal fuel tank, which can directly supply fuel to the engine. What the user has to do is to control the fuel level, but if your The unit needs to run for a long time, and the ordinary internal fuel tank may not be able to meet the fuel demand of the unit. At this time, the user needs to add an external fuel tank to supply fuel for the unit. materials, dimensions and components, and ensure that their installation, ventilation and inspection comply with relevant regulations. In general, there are three external tank mounting options to choose from:
1. External fuel tank with electric transfer pump
To ensure proper operation of the diesel generator set and to ensure that the oil level in its internal fuel tank is always maintained at the desired level, it is recommended to install an external fuel storage tank. For this purpose, the generator set should be equipped with a fuel oil delivery pump, and the fuel oil supply line of the storage tank should be connected to the connection point of the generator set, in addition, the user can also install a check valve at the fuel oil inlet of the generator set to prevent the generator set and Fuel spills when there is a level difference between the external tanks.
Installation suggestion:
To prevent air from entering when the fuel level in the fuel tank drops, we recommend that you install the fuel tank supply line as deep as possible and at least 5cm from the bottom of the fuel tank.
When filling the tank, we recommend that you keep at least 5% free space to prevent possible spillage due to expansion of the fuel as it heats up, always making sure not to allow any impurities and/or moisture to enter the system.
We recommend that you place the fuel tank as close as possible to the engine, with a maximum distance of 20 meters from the engine, and both should be on the same level.
2. External fuel tank with three-way valve
Another option is to power the generator set directly from an external storage and supply tank. At this point the user needs to install supply and return lines, and the generator set can be equipped with a two-body three-way valve, allowing the engine to be supplied with fuel from an external tank or the generator set's own internal tank.
Installation suggestion:
There should be a gap between the fuel supply line and the fuel return line in the fuel tank to prevent the fuel from heating up and prevent any impurities from entering. The distance between the two lines should be as wide as possible, with a minimum of 50 cm. The fuel line and the fuel tank The distance at the bottom should be as short as possible, but not less than 5cm.
When filling the fuel tank, Tingbo Electric recommends that users reserve at least 5% of the total fuel tank capacity, and place the fuel storage tank as close as possible to the engine, so that they are kept on the same level and the distance from the engine does not exceed 20 Meter.
3. Install an intermediate fuel tank between the generator set and the main fuel tank
You may need to install an intermediate tank between the genset and the main tank if the clearance is greater than that specified in the pump documentation, if the tank is installed at a different height than the genset, or if regulations governing tank installation require it. The location of both the fuel transfer pump and the intermediate supply tank must be suitable for the location selected for the fuel storage tank. The latter must meet the specifications of the fuel pump inside the genset.
Installation suggestion:
Tingbo Electric recommends installing the supply line and return line as far as possible in the intermediate tank, leaving a distance of at least 50 cm between them as much as possible. The distance between the fuel line and the bottom of the fuel tank should be as small as possible and not less than 5 cm. A clearance of at least 5% of the total tank capacity should be maintained.
The above is the introduction of Dingbo Electric Power on the external fuel tank of diesel generator set. No matter which fuel tank is selected, users should choose the most suitable diesel generator set fuel tank according to their actual needs and site conditions, and no matter which type of external fuel tank is selected. The fuel tank must be cleaned regularly to prevent impurities from entering the fuel tank, causing the diesel oil to deteriorate and affecting the normal operation of the unit.