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Introduction to the maintenance method of the cylinder pulling failure of the diesel generator set

May 17, 2022
Diesel generator set engine pulling cylinder means that the inner wall of the cylinder is pulled into deep grooves, and the friction pair between the piston, piston ring and the cylinder wall loses sealing, resulting in the reduction of cylinder compression pressure and loss of power; The pressure of the tank increases, which will cause the crankcase to explode in severe cases; the lubricating oil jumps up into the cylinder to cause oil burning; the exhaust pipe smokes seriously; the engine noise is abnormal; the engine cannot work normally or even stalls. The diesel generator set should be repaired in time after the cylinder failure occurs. This article JUNVOCH will introduce the maintenance method of the engine cylinder failure in the diesel generator set:
1. The sound of the diesel engine pulling the cylinder is not very clear in the initial stage, but the organic oil escapes into the combustion chamber, which increases the carbon deposition. Gas leaks into the crankcase during compression, deteriorating the oil. When accelerating, the oil is pumped from the oil filler port and the crankcase ventilation pipe. At this point, it can be diagnosed as the initial pull cylinder. At this time, the piston connecting rod group should be cleaned and inspected, the oil and oil filter element should be replaced, and the oil pan should be cleaned. After reassembly, it can be used for a period of time after running in, and the sealing performance of the cylinder will be improved, but the power performance is not as good as before the cylinder.
2. The diesel engine that pulls the cylinder in the mid-term has serious air leakage, and the abnormal sound similar to the cylinder knocking is relatively clear. When the oil filler cap is opened, a large amount of oil fume emerges rhythmically, the exhaust pipe emits thick blue smoke, and the idle speed is poor. When the oil cut method is used to check, the abnormal sound is weakened. If the mid-term pulling of the cylinder occurs in multiple cylinders, the abnormal sound can be weakened, but it cannot disappear when the oil-cut method is used to check. For the middle-stage cylinder, if the pull mark on the cylinder wall is not deep, it can be polished with oil stone, and the piston ring of the same model, the same quality and the same specification can continue to be used, and the abnormal noise will be greatly reduced.
3. There are obvious knocking and blowing noises in the later cylinder pulling, and the power performance is also significantly reduced. When the speed increases, the sound also increases, the sound is cluttered, and the diesel engine vibrates. In severe cases, the piston will be broken in the cylinder or the cylinder block will be damaged. For this condition, the cylinder liner, piston and piston rings must be replaced.