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Introduction to the structure and working principle of 800 kW diesel generator set water pump

July 11, 2022
The water pump is an important part of the cooling system of the 800 kW diesel generator set, users master the structure and working principle of the main components of the pump, the correct maintenance of the cooling system has a very important role, the following with the top Bo power to learn about it.
 The structure of the pump of 800 kW diesel generator set
800 kW diesel generator pump consists of the shell, the pump bearing, impeller and water seal. The casing has coolant inlet and outlet, the water seal is used to seal the water in the pump, the bearing is used to support the shaft with the impeller installed, and this assembly is fastened to the cylinder block. The liner is used to prevent the coolant from leaking. According to the different driving mode water pump usually has gear direct drive type, rubber belt drive, internal belt drive three kinds of light water pump, the following diagram is the structure of the water pump driven by rubber belt.
The working principle of 800 kilowatt diesel generator set water pump
The function of 800 kW Yuchai diesel generator set water pump is to circulate water or antifreeze in the cooling system. The water pump is the power equipment that makes the water circulate in the forced circulation water cooling system, and the water pump is located in the front of the engine. Centrifugal water pump has the characteristics of simple structure, small size, reliable work and high flow rate. And when the pump stops working due to failure, the cooling water can still be circulated naturally, thus preventing the diesel generator set from being damaged by local overheating. Centrifugal water pump is composed of impeller, volute, water seal device, etc.
The working principle of centrifugal water pump is shown in the figure below. When the impeller driven by the crankshaft rotates counterclockwise, it drives the water in the pump to rotate together. The center of the impeller as the water is thrown to the outer edge and the pressure is reduced, the water will be inhaled by the water inlet, the pump continues to work.
After understanding the structure and working principle of the pump of 800 kW diesel generator set, the generator manufacturer recommends that users in the use of diesel generator set, pay more attention to the use of the water pump seal ring, such as the seal ring failure, cooling water is leaking from the shell of the overflow hole, if found dripping into the flow, should be removed in time to repair or replace the water seal ring.