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Is there any effect of using biodiesel directly in diesel generator sets?

July 01, 2022
Diesel generator set is a diesel engine as the prime mover, in a certain speed range, a certain amount of clean diesel fuel, in a certain time, with a certain pressure to atomize good quality diesel fuel sprayed into the cylinder according to a certain injection law, and make it and compressed air quickly and well mixed and fuel, and then drive the alternator synchronous generator and generator power equipment, it is generally recommended that users choose according to the use of ambient temperature Suitable grades of diesel fuel to ensure the performance of the unit, but many users also have questions, diesel generator sets can be used directly biodiesel?
To understand this problem, first of all, we need to know what is biodiesel, biodiesel, refers to the use of oil crops, aquatic plant oils, animal fats and grease and food waste oil (commonly known as "gutter oil") as raw materials, through the ester exchange process of production and processing of renewable diesel fuel. Compared with fossil diesel, biodiesel has excellent environmental characteristics, low temperature start, good lubrication performance, high safety performance, renewable performance, especially the combustion of biodiesel is generally better than fossil diesel, combustion residues are slightly acidic, so that the catalyst and engine oil life is effectively extended. In daily life, if biodiesel is blended with petrochemical diesel in certain proportion, it can reduce fuel consumption, improve power, and reduce exhaust pollution.
Biodiesel, also known as fatty acid methyl ester, is mainly made from plant fruits, seeds, plant duct latex, animal fat oil, waste cooking oil, etc., and obtained by cross-esterification reaction with alcohols (methanol, ethanol). Compared with petrochemical diesel, biodiesel is safer to store, transport and use, it does not corrode the container and is not flammable and explosive; after chemical blending, its calorific value can reach 100% or more of petrochemical diesel; and it is a renewable resource. renewable resources, reducing the pollution of the global environment.
The study found that 10% biodiesel mixed with 90% fossil diesel fuel blend can be used without any changes in the engine of diesel generator sets, and there is basically no impact on the power, economy, durability and other indicators of the unit's engine, but the biodiesel contains oxygen and the emissions of nitrogen oxides have increased, but "basically do not feel this change ".
The current use of vegetable fats and oils as raw materials to produce biodiesel and commercialize it, there are still many problems to be solved.
1. the larger molecules of fats and oils, about 4 times that of petrochemical diesel, and higher viscosity, about 12 times that of No. 2 petrochemical diesel, thus affecting the injection timing and leading to poor injection results.
2, the low volatility of biodiesel, not easy to atomize in the engine, and poor mixing effect of air, resulting in incomplete combustion, the formation of combustion carbon, resulting in grease easy to stick in the injector head or accumulate in the engine cylinder and affect its operating efficiency, resulting in cold car is not easy to start and ignition delay problems. In addition, the injection of biodiesel, also easy to make the engine lubricating oil thickened and thickened, affecting the lubrication effect.
3, high price of biodiesel, the average price of domestic 100 biodiesel before tax is about 4.2 yuan a liter, while the retail price of No. 0 petrochemical diesel is about 3.2 yuan a liter. Due to the price problem, biodiesel is mostly used in urban bus transportation system, diesel power plant, large diesel air conditioner, etc. The application range is relatively narrow.
4、Although biodiesel can reduce suspended particles, carbon dioxide and sulfur-free, it not only cannot reduce nitrogen oxides, but also make it rise, so that the environmental protection effect is limited.