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Is your budget enough to buy a suitable backup diesel generator set?

June 13, 2022
With the changes in supply and demand and the rising prices of various raw materials, the current quotations of diesel generator sets are also constantly changing. How should enterprises purchase standby diesel generators within the budget to meet the daily normal power supply? In fact, the cost of standby diesel generator sets cannot be treated from a single point of view. The cost of standby diesel generator sets generally includes the quoted cost of the whole machine and the cost of installation, fuel, maintenance and repair.
In fact, the cost of a standby diesel generator set cannot be treated from a single point of view. The cost of a standby diesel generator set generally includes the quoted cost of the whole machine and the cost of installation, fuel, maintenance and repair, although the initial cost may seem quite unaffordable, However, diesel generator sets are vital to the smooth, uninterrupted operation of a business. If your business may face heavy losses due to frequent or prolonged power outages, the cost of purchasing diesel generators is less important, and ensuring normal production and maintaining a stable cooperative relationship is crucial.
Typically, the cost of a backup diesel generator set will vary based on the following:
manufacturer of generators
Generator model
Generator power
Engine brand and quality
Generator Condition: New/Used/Refurbished
Since there are many factors involved in price, it is best to do as much research as possible before deciding on an actual generator to buy. If you're willing to compromise on the make, model, or condition of your generator, you can easily save a few thousand dollars in cost without compromising its functionality. However, please note that no matter how much savings may be possible, you should not compromise on the power of the generator or the quality of the engine, as these are the basis of generator efficiency and longevity.
Choosing the ideal power for a diesel generator
In an ideal world we would all want our generators to power all our appliances, equipment and machinery, unfortunately this may not be possible especially when you are looking to buy a generator on a budget. Therefore, it is recommended that you calculate the maximum power requirements for all equipment and machines that your business is highly dependent on. To do this, you must know the wattage required to start these devices, as this power is often much higher than what is required to simply keep the machine running. Also make sure to take into account the increased electrical load due to additional machines in the near future. Once you know the approximate figures for your power requirements, you can let your dealer know the same and they will help you choose the best power diesel generator. As you might have guessed by now, the less power a generator has, the more affordable it is!
buy a brand new generator
As mentioned before, a good way to reduce the cost of your generator is to buy a used or refurbished generator, however, if you do choose, it means your generator has a relatively short lifespan and is of good quality There is no guarantee, perhaps, choosing a second-hand or refurbished generator, the later maintenance and repair costs are much higher than the cost of buying a brand new generator. Therefore, it is suggested here that in order to ensure the quality of the generator to the greatest extent, choose a new generator as much as possible, because the quality of the new generator is usually better, and the power supply capacity is also better and more stable, so as to ensure your The equipment will not be damaged by unstable power, and at the same time, especially buy generators from reliable suppliers! (For example, Dingbo Electric Power, for providing high-quality diesel generators and excellent service, Dingbo Electric Power is a trusted supplier. From sales supply and installation to generator maintenance, Dingbo Electric Power provides a wide range of efficient power solutions, Make sure your equipment is running well. At present, Dingbo Power has high-quality off-the-shelf diesel generators, which can be delivered and installed at any time to meet the urgent needs of enterprises in various industries for electricity.) Only in this way, any potential problems have been solved .
Also, how do you ensure that the maintenance costs of a backup diesel generator are reasonable?
Here are some tips on diesel generator maintenance that will save you from any expensive repairs or parts replacements:
Turn on the generator once a week and run it at full load for about 25-30 minutes as a way to maintain it. This will allow the oil to circulate evenly through the engine, thereby strengthening the engine.
Monitor generator oil and coolant levels monthly.
Have the generator checked by a qualified technician, at least once or preferably twice a year.
Place the generator in a cool, dry, spacious, preferably covered and well-ventilated place.