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It is important to master the correct way to stop the diesel generator

June 30, 2022
In the use of diesel generator sets, we recommend that users carefully operate each step, which is easy to become the user ignored the issue of stopping, that stopping is to stop, but in fact, the diesel generator set stopping the problem is not as simple as we think, we recommend that users should pay attention to the following aspects:. 
1, check the diesel generator oil, fuel and coolant, to determine whether there are "three leaks" phenomenon.
2, the generator set fuel valve and circuit breaker to close.
3, close the generator room air intake facilities and exhaust facilities, pay attention to see if the exhaust port has been covered.
4, close the control panel power key switch of the generator set, and take out the key for safekeeping.
5, if the unit maintenance or long shutdown need to start the unit battery negative cable for disassembly, if the outside temperature is too low also need to drain the coolant and fuel to prevent being frozen.
Diesel generator sets have automatic shutdown and manual shutdown mode, in the event of a diesel generator set failure or emergency need to stop the operation, the operator can press the control panel emergency stop button, the unit immediately shut down. If there is no special situation, YuanYu Power does not recommend users to stop the unit by the emergency stop button, but no matter which way to stop, users should pay attention to the above issues