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Maintenance points of cooling system of air-cooled diesel engine

April 20, 2022
The cooling of the diesel engine must be moderate. If the cooling is excessive, the heat transfer loss will increase, the fuel economy of the engine will be deteriorated, and the following adverse consequences will also be caused: poor fuel evaporation and atomization, and combustion deterioration; The friction loss increases; if the temperature is too low, the corrosion and wear of the cylinder will be aggravated. These problems will lead to the reduction of the effective power output by the engine, the deterioration of the economy, and the reduction of the service life.
Diesel engine cooling system can be divided into two types: water-cooled and air-cooled. The forced circulation water cooling system is mostly used for vehicle diesel engine, which is mainly composed of radiator, fan, water pump, cylinder head water jacket and cylinder body water jacket. The following is a brief introduction to the maintenance points of the cooling system of the air-cooled diesel engine.
(1) Avoid short-circuit circulation of cooling air
For an air-cooled diesel engine, care should be taken to prevent the air discharged from the cooling system from being heated and inhaled by the cooling fan again. If the cooling air is short-circuited, it will cause the overheating of the diesel engine, and at this time, the diesel engine temperature is too high and the cylinder is pulled. Therefore, the discharge of the cooling air of the air-cooled diesel engine must be carried out in a certain way. When this re-inhalation is unavoidable, it must be separated by a windshield.
(2) Clean the heat dissipation surface of cylinder liner and cylinder head
1. Cleaning time: See the table below for the cleaning time of the air-cooled diesel engine cylinder liner and cylinder head and other heat-dissipating surfaces.
Cleaning time for cooling surfaces such as cylinder liners and cylinder heads of air-cooled diesel engines
2. Cleaning method: use a high-pressure water gun to directly spray tap water or alkaline water for cleaning. Before cleaning, the wiring sockets of electronic components in the air pressure chamber should be sealed with water-tight sealing tape, and then directly and repeatedly flush the heat dissipation surface of the cylinder liner and cylinder head with a high-pressure water gun until satisfactory. After the cleaning is completed, immediately start the oil receiver to run at idle speed for about 10 minutes, so that the water on the heat dissipation surface such as the cylinder liner and cylinder head evaporates and avoids rusting.