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Many people are wrong, the correct use of diesel generator set oil, how much do you know?

June 16, 2022
Oil is the blood of the diesel engine, in the operation of the diesel generator set of key accessories can play a role in lubrication and heat dissipation, while reducing the wear and tear of parts, extend the life of the unit, maintenance and replacement of oil is an important work, some users will buy and replace their own, when many users for the correct use of diesel generator set oil is not very clear, how to choose the oil? How to change? How to use correctly? If you do it wrong, it is a major injury to the unit, the following follow the top Bo power to understand the correct use of oil it.
Oil good or bad, often directly affect the operation of diesel generator sets and service life, different engine series have different requirements for the selection of oil quality, top Bo power recommends that users use the oil recommended by professional companies, if the use of low-quality engine oil or poor quality engine oil or three no engine oil or small brands of engine oil, there will be more or less the following typical signs: 1, the use of engine oil is easy to change.
1, the use of oil is easy to deteriorate, lubrication and cooling mechanical functions decline, so that the machine parts abnormal wear.
2, low temperature liquidity is poor, diesel generator set normal operation when the oil and become very thin.
3, accelerate the aging and deterioration of the post-processor catalytic converters, poisoning failure.
4, the use of poor quality oil, the serious consequences are caused by the loss of functionality of the machine parts, cylinder liner and piston abnormal wear, piston ring stalling or pass fracture, which in turn causes pulling cylinder, supercharger seal ring stalling and shaft and bearing abnormal wear, crankshaft, camshaft and rocker shaft, such as shaft and bearing lubrication and poor cooling, accelerate the wear of the shaft and bearing, and even cause strain or bite of the shaft and bearing, and the resulting The corresponding serious engine accidents, causing post-processor DOC catalytic, conversion agent clogging and failure, but also easy to make the DPF clogging, so that the regeneration cycle is shortened, in the winter after the cold start, easy to make the filter element and oil cooler rupture, you users remember to replace the diesel generator set in time for the new "blood" Oh.
Note that the use of engine oil should follow the "three no's" principle
Different brands of engine oil should not be mixed
Do not mix oil from different manufacturers
Do not mix oil of different specifications
High-grade engine oil can replace low-grade engine oil, but low-grade can never replace high-grade engine oil, while the quality and viscosity level of engine oil is also a matter of concern, the quality level of diesel engine oil to C + - bit capital Arabic letters, C diesel engine oil, and the more letters follow the better the quality, such as CK level is better than CH level is better than CD level, some two letters after adding 4, it means four-stroke diesel engine oil, such as CK-4, oil viscosity level should be used according to the engine temperature to choose, top Bo power here recommend the use of viscosity level 10W-40 engine oil, applicable to low temperature -25 ℃ high temperature 40 ℃, the choice of improper viscosity oil will affect the diesel generator set startability, fuel consumption oil pressure or oil use replacement period.