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Methods of Preventing Cylinder Pulling Failure of Diesel Generator Sets

May 17, 2022
Pulling the cylinder of diesel generator sets is a common fault. Pulling the cylinder can easily lead to a serious decrease in engine power, difficulty in starting, serious oil leakage and increased oil consumption, and even cause the piston to lock the cylinder and the engine to be extinguished and cannot work. Therefore, Users must pay attention in the process of using diesel generator sets. In this article, JUNVOCH will explain to you the methods to prevent cylinder failure of diesel generator sets.
1. Operate and use the engine reasonably, do not overload the work, do not bang the accelerator, and do not start without water;
2. Strengthen the maintenance of the air filter of the diesel generator set to prevent dust from being sucked into the cylinder;
3. Maintain the lubrication system to prevent mechanical impurities and carbon deposits from mixing into the oil, thereby aggravating the wear of the cylinder liner;
4. For new machines and overhauled diesel generator sets, they must be run-in first. Under good lubrication conditions, according to the principle of rotating speed from low to high and load from small to large, carefully operate according to the running-in procedures, and then can be put into formal operation. load operation;
5. According to the stipulations in the instruction manual of the diesel generator set, correctly select the gap between the piston and the cylinder liner, the opening gap and side gap of the piston ring, and ensure the dimensional accuracy of the cylinder liner;
6. Keep the normal temperature of cooling water at 70°C-95°C to avoid overheating of the engine. Preheating measures should also be taken before starting in winter.
In short, the best way to prevent the cylinder failure of the diesel generator set is to first understand the cause of the cylinder failure of the diesel generator set, and then formulate a good and correct management and use plan according to the failure phenomenon. The use can not only improve the reliability and prolong the service life of the diesel generator set, but also reduce the cylinder failure of the diesel generator set.