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Must the diesel generator oil be changed if it turns black?

June 23, 2022
In the maintenance of diesel generator sets, oil is a very important factor, it is directly related to the operation of the heart of the unit (engine), affecting the use of the whole machine state and service life, choose the right oil and regular replacement of new oil can make the performance of diesel generators more fully and more stable. On the replacement of oil, many users have questions, is it necessary to replace the oil found black? To address this issue, the user should first understand a few points of knowledge about the oil.
1, what is the engine oil?
Oil, that is, engine lubricating oil. There are many metal surfaces in the engine that move with friction, and qualified lubricating oil can reduce the wear of engine parts and extend the service life of the engine.
2、What is the role of engine oil?
The main role of oil is to lubricate the engine interaction surface, in addition to help engine cooling; clean engine parts on the spoils (carbide, sludge, wear metal particles, etc.); seal the gap between the piston ring and the piston; adsorption in the metal surface, rust and corrosion prevention and other functions.
3、What are the components of engine oil?
Motor oil has two main components: base oil and additives. Base oil is the main component of lubricating oil and determines the basic nature of lubricating oil, while additives can make up and improve the deficiency of base oil performance and give some new performance, which is an important part of lubricating oil. The main types of additives are purifiers, dispersants, antioxidants and anti-corrosion agents, extreme pressure and anti-wear agents, oleaginous agents, friction improvers and so on.
4、Does darkening of oil mean deterioration?
The blackened oil does not mean that it has deteriorated. Nowadays, the quality of the branded genuine motor oil sold in the market is quite high and can maintain the lubrication function under high temperature conditions. Generally speaking, after adding new oil, deposits such as sludge and carbon on the engine parts are dispersed in the oil, which will cause the color of the oil to turn black after a certain period of time. Therefore, if the oil becomes black, it does not mean that the oil must be replaced. You should check what the reason for the blackness is before deciding whether it needs to be replaced.
5、When do I need to change the oil?
Generally speaking, the oil replacement cycle is 50 hours after the first working hours of a new unit and 50 hours after a medium or major repair. The oil replacement cycle is usually carried out at the same time with the oil filter (cartridge), and the general oil replacement cycle is 250 hours or one month.
However, it should be noted that if the oil exceeds its expiration date, it should be replaced even if it has not reached the replacement cycle. If the diesel generator set is working in the harsh environment for a long time, the oil replacement cycle should also be advanced, because the harsh environment often accelerates the wear of the internal parts of the unit.