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Must the filter element be changed together with the diesel generator set oil change?

June 24, 2022
We know that the diesel generator set oil is a replacement cycle, and generator manufacturers generally recommend replacing the oil, the oil filter element should also be changed together, some users may have questions about this, why replace the oil filter element should also be changed together?
Before clarifying this issue, let's understand the role of the oil filter element, diesel generator sets in the work process will produce a certain amount of metal debris, carbon, gum and other impurities, they mixed into the oil will reduce the lubricating properties of the oil, thus affecting the service life of diesel generator sets. The role of the oil filter is to filter these impurities in the oil to ensure the cleanliness of the oil. If the oil is compared to the blood of the diesel generator set, then the oil filter can be called the "kidney of the engine".
The life of the oil filter is usually equivalent to the life of the oil, so every time you change the oil, it is best to change the oil filter. Otherwise, once the oil filter is too dirty and the filtration performance decreases, it will not only lead to poor oil flow, but also contaminate the newly injected oil.
When choosing a new oil filter, many oil filter elements look the same from the outside, but the internal filter paper content and material are very different. At this time, users should pay attention to a very important indicator: dirt holding capacity, which refers to the amount of impurities that the oil filter element can filter and hold in the oil. Generally speaking, the larger the oil filter element is, the more filter paper it has, the larger the dirt holding capacity is, and the longer the time it can be used. Any particularly cheap oil filter, the internal filter paper is certainly very little, the dirt capacity will be reduced accordingly, the service life is also shorter, such oil filter is better to use less.
When replacing the oil filter, wipe the dirt around the oil filter thoroughly to avoid dirt entering the new filter canister when replacing the new filter, and when installing the new filter, fill the new filter with clean oil and then lubricate the rubber seal with a small amount of clean oil before installing the filter.