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Precautions for purchasing mobile trailer diesel generator sets

May 17, 2022
Mobile trailer diesel generator set is also called mobile power station, and its components include diesel generator set + mobile trailer equipment. This type of diesel generator set has the advantages of high mobility, safe braking, beautiful appearance, and convenient mobile operation and use. It is especially suitable for power supply occasions that require frequent mobile applications. This article JUNVOCH introduces you to the precautions for purchasing mobile trailer diesel generator sets.
1. First of all, it is necessary to consider various factors such as the type of electrical equipment, the power of the main motor, the starting method, and the starting rule. It should be emphasized that the equipment of the mobile trailer generally has a very large power of a single motor, so it must be required that the diesel generator set has Excellent starting performance, otherwise it will increase the investment budget of diesel generator sets.
2. The large motors of mobile trailer type have a common characteristic, that is, the problem of large starting load but small after-operation load. If the calculation is not good or the starting method selected is not good, a lot of human, material, financial and other costs will be wasted. At present, the starting methods of motors are roughly as follows: direct start/Y-△ step-down start/self-coupling step-down start/soft start/variable frequency start, etc. Most of the mobile trailers use large-capacity motors, and the first two are basically impossible. Therefore, you can make comprehensive choices in the latter three based on your own investment budget, communicate with equipment agents and generator set agents, and choose a good and suitable plan. After selecting the starting mode, calculate the starting current (in very severe working conditions) and operating current of all equipment, and finally calculate how much power generator set needs to be configured.
3. Since the diesel generator set used for mobile trailers is used in a very harsh environment, and some places are even at high altitudes, the power carrying capacity of the diesel generator set decreases with the increase of altitude, so it is necessary to pay special attention to the necessary This factor should be taken into consideration, otherwise it will lead to the disadvantage that the purchasing power is contrary to the actual operating power.