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Rental Guide: How much is the rental price of diesel generator set per day?

June 01, 2022
For some users who only need to use diesel generator sets occasionally, it is obviously not necessary to buy a diesel generator set. Users can choose to lease a diesel generator set. When it comes to generator rental, choose the right power generation for your project. When installing the unit, Tingbo Electric reminds you that there are several things to consider.
       At present, diesel generator sets have become an indispensable backup power supply in many industries. When purchasing a diesel generator set, depending on the brand, power, configuration, etc., the price is several thousand, tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. There are also millions of large-scale generator sets. For some users who only need to use diesel generator sets occasionally, it is obviously not necessary to buy a diesel generator set. Users can choose to lease a diesel generator set. When choosing the right generator set for your project, Top Power reminds you of the following things to consider.
       1. Do you need a portable, towed or trailer mounted unit? This is usually determined by the generator size that best suits your needs. Choose the right size for the amount of power your home, construction site or event needs. Generator sizes are categorized by watts, kilowatts, megawatts, or amps. You can add up the wattage used by each appliance, tool or electronic product to determine the actual size of the generator you need. Consider that each project will use two to three times the rated power on initial startup. If by any chance you need to get all your projects up and running at once, rent a generator that is 35% larger than you think you might need.
       2. If you're looking to rent a generator for a long camping trip where you'll want home amenities like a coffee maker, radio, and electric cooker, a 1000-watt portable generator might do the trick .
       3. Planning a RV trip? A 2,500-watt portable generator might be able to power your mini microwave, toaster, hairdryer and other small appliances, as well as your air conditioner.
       4. Small portable generators in the 3000 to 7000 watt range are enough to power most household appliances and household necessities. If you have a larger home, or a drilling pump, you may find it necessary to opt for a larger generator.
       5. On a residential construction site, where you will be using saws, sanders, sprayers, portable halogen lighting, air compressors, and electric drills, a 10-kilowatt towable generator is a good choice to power your equipment.
       6. Trailer-type generators of 20 kilowatts to more than 100 kilowatts provide enough power for small and medium-sized commercial workplaces.
       7. Generators for movie sets, compact and quiet in design, these generators can be mounted on trailers and can provide currents from 200 to 1600 amps.
       8. Another thing to consider is the fuel source for your rental generator. Generators typically run on gasoline, diesel or propane.
       Gasoline - If you are using a smaller generator set, choose a gasoline generator. Gasoline is readily available most of the time, but has a shorter shelf life than other types of fuel. Gasoline is very flammable, so keep your fuel storage choices in mind when making decisions to ensure fuel storage safety.
       Diesel - Diesel is also readily available and not too expensive for long-term use. It's not as flammable as gasoline or propane, but generators running on diesel can be noisier than generators running on other fuels.
       Propane - In areas where emissions regulations are in place, using a propane generator is the best option as it is a clean burning fuel. In some areas, propane is more expensive than gasoline or diesel, so you should consider the cost when choosing a generator.
       Generator Rental Price
       Generator leases are divided into short-term leases, long-term leases, and standby, with different fees.
       Generator short-term rental is charged at the starting price plus daily renewal fees. Short-term rentals will be relatively high. Depending on how long you use it, the rent will generally be reduced accordingly. (For example, one thousand one-day renewal within three days, five hundred after three days) Generally speaking, in order to reduce the lifting fee and freight loss caused by the customer temporarily changing the plan and not leasing the generator to the generator rental supplier, it is necessary to pay short-term Rental fees. After the generator is sent to the destination for installation and commissioning, a certain amount of deposit will be charged as a deduction for the generator rental machine. After the lease period ends, the amount will be refunded and the amount will be refunded. According to Dingbo Electric, the current short-term rental price of generators in the market is about 100KW-300KW, the hourly rent is about 320-350 yuan, and the daily rent is about 1,000 yuan, plus the freight or the appearance fee for power generation on the car.
       According to the demand for monthly and long-term rental generators, it can be divided into standby generators and common generators. Those that require generators to supply power every day (such as construction projects) are called leased common generators. The lease of backup generators is relatively favorable, and the longer the lease period, the more favorable it is. Of course, if Tingbo Power is used for a long time, it is recommended to purchase new units. At present, the monthly rental price of generators on the market is about 100KW, the open-frame unit is 7000/month, and the one with silent box is about 8500/month. The rent of 200KW, 300KW and 500KW is definitely more expensive. After all, the purchase value of the unit is higher and the depreciation is higher. The specific price will fluctuate according to market conditions.