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Safety matters needing attention in the operation of diesel generator set

May 17, 2022
As an excellent backup power source, diesel generator sets have been favored by major enterprises in recent years. Many customers are unfamiliar with the generator operation process when using diesel generator sets, which often lead to mechanical failures of diesel generator sets, and even worse. There are safety accidents involving casualties. In order to allow customers to use diesel generators more safely, JUNVOCH has sorted out the following safety matters for you.
1. Pay attention to the danger of electric shock
The power of the diesel generator set entering the public line must go through a transfer switch with a mechanical interlock, and it must be ensured that it is separated from the mains. When it needs to be connected to the grid, it must be approved by the professional department (power supply bureau), and special equipment for grid connection must be used. Otherwise, there will be serious equipment and personal accident hazards. The unit must be grounded reliably, and insulating tools must be used for the maintenance of live equipment, and the danger of electric shock must be paid attention to in a humid environment. Following all electrical regulations, installation and maintenance of the electrical parts of the equipment must be carried out by qualified electrical professionals.
2. Exhaust gas is toxic
Diesel generator sets should have a suitable exhaust gas discharge system to ensure that the exhaust gas of the engine is discharged outdoors, and the exhaust gas discharge system should be checked frequently for air leakage. When there is exhaust gas in the diesel generator room, the doors and windows should be opened to discharge the exhaust gas before entering the house to prevent the carbon monoxide in the exhaust gas from poisoning people.
3. Safe operation
Do not use the generator set where there is a danger of explosives. It is dangerous to be near a running generator. Loose clothing, hair and falling tools can cause serious accidents to people and equipment. When the generator set is running, some exposed pipes and components are in a high temperature state, so it is necessary to prevent touch burns.
4. Fire prevention
Metal objects can cause electrical shorts, which can create a fire hazard. The engine should be kept clean. Excessive oil pollution may cause damage and fire caused by overheating of the engine. Keep several dry chemical or carbon dioxide gas fire extinguishers in a convenient location in the generator room.
 5. Startup security
In the alpine environment, a preheating device is required to start the generator set, and the body must not be baked with an open flame.