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Several maintenance tips for diesel generator sets

June 17, 2022
Diesel generator set price compared to imported diesel generator set price is quite affordable, but its performance is not at all lose imported generators, so more and more favored by users, the market retention is also increasingly high, in order to reduce the failure of the unit, extend the service life of the generator, in addition to the daily standard use of Yuchai generators, maintenance is also an essential homework, this article from several aspects for you This article will introduce you to several aspects of the Yuchai diesel generator set maintenance tips.
1. Fuel system
It is recommended that every 6-12 months to replace the generator set fuel to avoid fuel degradation and contamination. If you have to store diesel fuel for a long time, or you buy a used diesel generator for sale, but the fuel in it is not completely depleted. Then it is important to take appropriate measures to maintain the quality of the fuel. In case of modern diesel blends containing biodiesel may start to deteriorate within 6 months. The threat of contaminated diesel fuel poses a risk to power in critical applications and it should be maintained to extend the life of the generator.
2. Lubrication system
Users must check the Yuchai generator oil regularly. In addition to this, the oil and filter must be changed at the recommended intervals.
3. Maintenance plan
It is important to develop a diesel generator maintenance plan based on the facility power application of the business and the environment in which the diesel generator is installed. However, if the generator set is located in an extremely cold or hot climate, or exposed to salty air, the generator may require special attention, such as regular maintenance and inspection.
4. Cooling system
The coolant level must be checked frequently. The exterior of the coolant must be checked for any form of obstruction or dirt, and remember to replenish the coolant in a timely manner.
5. Keep the diesel generator clean
When the engine is free of dirt, problems such as oil leaks can be easily detected and dealt with. A clean generator will ensure an effective visual inspection of hoses and belts. Frequent inspections will prevent insects and other nuisances from nesting in your equipment. The more a generator is used, the more it needs to be cleaned and maintained. However, infrequent users of Yuchai generators may not be as attentive to maintenance, which is actually not true. Regular maintenance of diesel generator sets is necessary to ensure power safety. Whether your diesel generator is used for mains power or standby emergency power generation, it is important that it can run at full capacity, especially if it is required to run from standby mode due to a utility failure.