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Several parts of diesel generator sets that need regular maintenance

June 02, 2022
After the diesel generator set has been used for a period of time, it needs to be maintained. Correct, timely and careful maintenance can not only ensure the normal operation of the diesel generator set, reduce wear and tear, but also prolong the service life of the generator set and reduce the operating cost of users. Therefore, users must properly maintain the diesel generator set, which is very important for the stable operation of the generator set. The following are several parts of the diesel generator set that need special attention to regular maintenance:
       1. Regularly check diesel engine oil
       During diesel generator operation, it is very important to check the condition and oil level of the engine oil. Also, when you buy a new diesel generator, change the engine oil after the first 20 hours of operation. When the diesel generator is in normal operation, change the oil every 100 hours.
       2. Check the spark plug
       Spark plugs in generators are an important part of the operation of diesel generator sets. However, after the unit runs for a long time, the response of the spark plug will become unsatisfactory. Therefore, a full inspection after every 100 hours is very necessary. Due to the continuous contact of the spark plug with the oil, a high layer of carbon builds up around these parts. It can be cleaned with a wire brush. If it cannot be cleaned thoroughly, Tingbo Power recommends replacing it with a new one.
       3. Annual inspection of diesel generators
       Annual inspections under the supervision of a professional generator set team are an effective way to improve diesel generator set performance and prolong life. The generator's annual maintenance schedule is to ensure regular changes of engine oil, air and oil filters. In addition, a team of technicians inspect and inspect all components such as alternators and switches to stabilize the performance of the diesel generator set. In addition, the replacement of old parts is also carried out according to this procedure.
       4. Generator cooling function
       Since diesel generators provide high power output and thus higher heat, the engine needs to be cooled during operation. If cooling is not performed well, the unit will automatically shut down. Most diesel generators have water cooling. So it is important to maintain the water level and properly cool the generator set. If the generator set has oil cooling function, please change the oil according to the instructions.
       5. Engine cleaning
       Properly cleaning a diesel engine removes unnecessary dust and other particles from the engine. These small particles are one of the main reasons that seriously affect the normal operation of diesel generators.
       6. Start the battery test
       The battery activates the starting power for the diesel engine during a power outage. Batteries must be fully charged and perform well, as low and uncharged batteries are the most common causes of backup generator power system failures.
       7. Recommended fuel for running the generator set
       It is very important to choose the recommended fuel to run a diesel generator. That is, no oil blends are used, only premium fuels are used. Dirty fuel is caused by improper storage or refilling of the fuel tank in dusty conditions. To prevent this problem, store fuel in a container approved by the relevant authority, away from high-traffic areas. Also, do not refuel the unit in dusty, windy conditions.
       8. Clean the diesel filter
       Various filters in the generator are used to protect the engine from small particles and dust. This engine filter is an essential part of running the engine properly. For example, oil filters are used to remove small particles from fuel, and air filters protect genset engines from dust when diesel generators are running. Therefore, always check the filter in a proper way and replace it with a new one if necessary.
       9. Installation and safety tips for generator sets
       Install your industrial diesel generator in a dry, clean and safe place. Also, always use the generator housing to protect the engine from bad weather, theft and vandalism. Plus, the robust and durable design of these canopies enables the generator to perform in the harshest workplaces and in any weather conditions.
       Diesel generator set is an essential and important power supply equipment in various industries and fields when encountering power failure. If there is no proper maintenance, the generator set is very likely to fail during use, affecting the normal power output of the set. After a period of time, the user must carry out irregular maintenance in time.