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Some ordering requirements that must be known when purchasing diesel generator sets

July 04, 2022
In recent years, various industries have increasingly high requirements for power supply, diesel generator sets by virtue of its use of environmental conditions, can be continuous, stable, safe power supply advantages in particular, by telecommunications, finance, national defense, hospitals, schools, business, factories and other industries as an emergency backup power supply, if you have plans to purchase generators, then I believe you must know the information about the generator If you have plans to purchase a generator, then we believe you must know the following information about generators, but in order for you to purchase a satisfactory unit with the use requirements, we recommend that you must understand the following.
The main factors that should be considered in the selection of diesel generator sets
The main factors that should be considered in the selection of the set are mechanical and electrical performance, the use of the set, the capacity of the load and the range of change, automation functions, etc.
1, the use of the unit. As diesel generator sets can be used for common use, standby and emergency and other 3 kinds of situations. Therefore, the requirements of different uses of diesel generator sets are different.
2, load capacity. Should be selected according to the different uses of the load capacity and the range of changes in the load, to determine the diesel generator set of the stand-alone capacity and standby diesel generator set capacity.
3, the unit's use of environmental conditions (mainly refers to altitude and climatic conditions)
4, the choice of diesel generators
5, the choice of generator and excitation mode
6, the choice of automation function of diesel generators
Through the above introduction, after understanding the main factors that should be considered in the selection of diesel generator sets, users also need to pay attention to the ordering requirements of diesel generator sets: 1.
1, the type of the unit, rated power, rated voltage, rated current, number of phases, power factor and wiring method.
2, the requirements for the automation function and performance of the unit.
3. a description of the cooling mode to be adopted in use, especially for large-capacity units.
4. the requirements for the structure, performance and installation dimensions of the diesel engine, generator and control panel
5. requirements for the parallelism of the units: if more than one generator set is purchased at the same time, whether parallel operation is required, and if parallel operation is required, whether the measuring instruments and devices required for parallelism should also be provided.
6, the unit's ancillary equipment requirements: many domestic generator manufacturers to the cooling water tank (radiator), fuel tank, exhaust muffler, battery, etc. are also counted as ancillary equipment, the order allows the relevant requirements for installation.
7, if the use of environmental conditions and the diesel generator set calibrated environmental conditions value gap, should be specified in the order temperature, humidity and altitude values, so that the generator manufacturer to provide you with suitable models and ancillary equipment.