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Teach you to determine which diesel generator set antifreeze is better

June 17, 2022
Last year's nationwide cooling made everyone a bit caught off guard, even the warm two wide areas also entered the freezing mode, we would like to remind all new and old customers to pay attention to add clothes and things to prevent cold and keep warm, but also do not forget to replace your diesel generator set antifreeze Oh! We know that the water in the tank of the diesel generator will freeze at low temperatures, and antifreeze can effectively prevent the internal ice of the diesel generator set to protect the radiator and the engine will not blow up because of ice expansion, antifreeze not only has the role of anti-freeze, it also has cooling, rust, scale, mold and other functions, the normal operation of the diesel generator set plays an extremely important role, so do you know how to determine Which diesel generator set antifreeze is better?
There are two criteria to determine which antifreeze is better, and that is the freezing point and boiling point of the antifreeze. General common type of antifreeze can reach -40 ℃, and high-quality antifreeze should be able to reach -60 ℃ or so, the lower the freezing point the better the quality.
The boiling point of glycol alcohol of antifreeze is 197.4℃, and the freezing point is -11.5℃. It can be mixed with water in any ratio, and the freezing point is significantly reduced after mixing because it changes the vapor pressure of cooling water. Another is the boiling point of antifreeze. The boiling point of water is 100℃, while antifreeze should reach at least 108℃, and some can even reach 110℃ or more. That is to say, the lower the freezing point, the higher the boiling point, the greater the temperature difference between them, the better the quality of antifreeze, relatively speaking.
Diesel generator set antifreeze not only cold winter can be used, and even all year round can be used, but it has a certain retention period, so users add to check whether it is in the warranty period, and pay attention to regular replacement, otherwise its effectiveness will decline, in order to maximize its role in diesel generator sets, users in the use of antifreeze should pay attention to the following issues.
1, not mixed brand use, different brands of antifreeze production ingredients will be different, if mixed use, they are likely to occur between the chemical reaction between a variety of additives, resulting in additive failure, so that the role of antifreeze greatly reduced.
2, replace on time, the diesel generator set antifreeze must be replaced on time, replace the old antifreeze should be put all clean, the cooling system flush clean, and then replaced with new antifreeze.
3, do not add water to use, add water to use will affect the durability of the diesel generator set antifreeze, anti-corrosion properties will also decline, will affect the performance of diesel generator set.