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The choice of construction site diesel generator set power: it is recommended to buy large not small

July 22, 2022
The use of diesel generator sets are basically not restricted by site conditions, can provide electricity continuously, stably and safely when needed, so they are widely used as backup and emergency power by many industry sectors, as construction sites are often inconvenient with electricity, so its use on construction sites is very common, so how should the construction site diesel generator sets be selected?
In the selection of diesel generator sets, need to consider: the number of power equipment and power size, the use of diesel generators environmental requirements, the level of automation requirements for diesel generators, the unit budget and so on. One of the most important thing is to determine how much power you need to purchase the diesel generator set first?
To determine how much power is needed for the diesel generator set required for a construction site, it is necessary to know not only the total power of the equipment that will be running at the same time, but also the peak power consumption, especially during start-up. For example, an electric motor may consume up to three times its nameplate power during startup. Therefore, the diesel generator set must be able to provide the peak power consumed by all the equipment that needs to be started at the same time. Here the generator manufacturers top Bo power recommend that you must buy large not small, such as 30KW of power equipment then need 90KW diesel generator set, try to buy a larger, because we also need to consider the starting current and electrical losses and other factors to avoid damage to equipment caused by small horse-drawn car.
In fact, because most of the construction site environment is relatively harsh, some units of wearing parts such as three filters, the replacement cycle will be shorter than the normal use of diesel generator sets, generally a month to change a, and wearing parts are not under warranty, so when buying diesel generator sets can buy a few more sets of three filter accessories from the business, not to use the time to wait too long and delayed the schedule.
Finally, for construction sites commonly used generator sets, in the selection of mobile trailer rain shed configuration, in order to cope with all kinds of unexpected weather, such as wind and rain, in addition, choose mobile diesel generator sets, when a site is completed, can also be easily moved to another site to continue to use, greatly saving the cost.