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The important role of diesel generator radiator

May 17, 2022
The radiator is an essential and important part of the diesel generator set. The function of the radiator of the diesel generator set is to dissipate the heat carried by the cooling water into the atmosphere to reduce the temperature of the cooling water, which is very important to ensure the long-term operation of the generator set. important role.
 The radiator must have enough heat dissipation area and be made of materials with good thermal conductivity. The radiator is mainly composed of three parts: the upper water tank, the core and the lower water tank. Diesel generator sets will generate high temperature during operation. In order to ensure that the generator set and components will not be deformed and damaged due to excessive temperature, we need to cool the generator set. The function of the radiator is to ensure that the temperature of the generator set will not be too high. . The cooling system will take away part of the heat generated during the operation of the diesel generator set, so that the generator set can operate normally. Therefore, when JUNVOCH advises customers on the installation of diesel generator sets, they require customers to directly discharge the air discharged from the radiator to the outside through pipes. Of course, we should always check the pipe joint department, and if there is a leak, it should be dealt with and replaced in time.
If the user uses the diesel generator set outdoors, the gap of the radiator may be blocked by debris, and the user should clean it frequently. You can often spray with low-pressure hot water (appropriately added detergent), and pay attention to spray steam or water from the front of the radiator to the fan. When spraying, cover the diesel engine and alternator with cloth. If the deposits are difficult to remove, the radiator can be removed and soaked in hot alkaline water for about 20 minutes, then rinsed with hot water.
It is also worth noting that the cooling methods of diesel generator sets are air-cooled and water-cooled. Except for areas with special water shortage, water-cooled diesel generator sets are generally used.