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The most neglected inspection items of diesel generator sets: wiring harness inspection

June 23, 2022
Diesel generator electric control system harness is the carrier of power and various signals, is the bridge between the ECU and the diesel engine for information exchange and control, if the diesel engine is the heart of the diesel generator set, then the diesel engine harness is the tendons and veins connected to the heart, if the tendons and veins have problems, it will inevitably affect the health of the unit, so the inspection of the harness is also a vital part of the daily diesel generator set inspection, the user Never ignore!
How to check the diesel generator wiring harness?
Diesel generator manufacturers top Bo power suggest that users in the inspection of the electric control system line use, you can visually check the wiring harness and its connectors, there is no fracture, loose, exposed, burning and other phenomena, if found abnormal please timely repair or replacement, in order to avoid failure, reduce safety risks, users must know, no matter what machinery, are three points with seven points to maintain, if the wiring harness damage occurs If the wiring harness is destroyed, not only will affect the normal start of the diesel generator set, in serious cases there may be a fire, so users must not ignore the inspection of the wiring harness, pay attention to daily maintenance, establish a good awareness of daily checks, is the key to extending the service life of diesel generator sets, but also a small trick to save the operating costs of the unit.
As the saying goes: to do a good job in the project, the correct maintenance can not be less. Correct, timely and careful maintenance can ensure the normal work of diesel generator sets, reduce wear and tear, prevent breakdowns, extend the service life of the unit, reduce operating costs, so in addition to the daily inspection of the diesel generator set wiring harness, the user should also pay attention to the following daily maintenance projects.
1, check the diesel generator set oil plane: every 8 hours of continuous operation or a working day need to check the oil level.
2, check the diesel generator set coolant plane.
3, check the fuel tank oil level.
4, check and eliminate the three leaks: water leakage, oil leakage, gas leakage phenomenon.
5, check the work of various instruments: observe whether the readings are normal, electrical components damaged should be repaired more timely replacement.
6, keep the whole machine clean, there shall be no dust, dirt, electrical equipment shall not have oil, to avoid causing a short circuit in the line.
7, check the maintenance of electrical wiring.