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The service life of a diesel generator set depends on whether you maintain it regularly

June 25, 2022
If in the purchase of diesel generator sets, the price is the most concerned about the factors, then after the purchase back to use, the service life of diesel generators is the majority of users more concerned about the issue, the service life of diesel generator sets and many factors, including whether regular maintenance of diesel generator sets to extend the service life of the unit has a decisive impact.
When regular maintenance
If you properly maintain your diesel generator, it can easily continue to run for more than 1500 hours, up to 3000 hours. If you perform critical maintenance on your generator every two years, it may last in excess of 10,000 hours as long as you do not actively cause damage.
Many larger diesel generators last much longer than the smaller standby generators you are likely to find in most homes. These generators have larger components, which you can repair and replace more easily than with a typical smaller generator.
When Not Maintained Regularly
Diesel generators can fortunately last up to 1,500 hours if you don't maintain them properly, and some larger standby generators can last up to 2,000 hours before they break down. The life of a generator depends heavily on the quality of the oil; if the oil goes bad, the engine will wear itself out.
Many people mistakenly believe that as long as the generator is turning, it is fine. However, this is not the case, as the machine and the diesel engine will continue to work until the internal piston is welded to the housing and no parts are free to turn again.
How to ensure the diesel generator set performance is stable?
While we all want our diesel generators to be perfectly serviced and ready to go, this can be a challenge. It may take a few minutes to complete the basics, but replacing everything and checking everything can take you hours.
Avoiding the need for a full repair and insisting on a full annual inspection is the best way to go. Many experienced generator users have learned to care for and maintain their machines with minor adjustments and some love.
Housing: Easily the most important part of keeping filters and generators clean is providing them with the proper housing. Just keep the machine away from the worst of the dust and rain to ensure it can enjoy a longer life.
Maintenance: Performing the necessary maintenance to add clean oil and clean the filters will make everything last longer. Many diesel generators may not need any repairs after several years of operation because they are properly maintained and serviced.
Cooling: Your generator needs to be adequately cooled and taken care of when it starts running a lot. Many generator owners think the machine doesn't need any cooling, but adding fans or large vents to its enclosure will effectively ensure it never overheats.
Start up: If you know that the generator may be used a lot, but the way it is used has declined, then simply start the machine. Letting the machine run and burn off excess fuel and letting the oil heat up will keep it running smoothly.
Cleaning: This may seem obvious, but many generator owners forget the simple step of keeping their machines clean. Using a rag and soapy water, simply wiping off the dirt and dust that covers the machine will keep it running cleanly.
Fix it: It's okay to come up with a quick fix when you need power, but you should make sure to properly repair and dispose of anything that is damaged.
Do not overload: Any engine that exceeds its limits can be damaged; diesel generators are no exception and can be severely affected. When using the power generated by the machine, you are drawing energy directly from it; pulling too much can lead to more frequent engine repairs.
In summary, the user only in the daily use of the process of manipulating good operating habits, and the diesel generator set for occasional maintenance, to ensure stable performance of diesel generators and extend the service life.