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The standard use of diesel generator sets need to pay attention to some matters

June 17, 2022
Standardized use of diesel generator sets, help reduce the failure of the unit, extend the life of diesel generator sets, so that it can better provide users with stable and reliable power. The following generator manufacturers top Bo power for you to share a specific standard use of diesel generator sets need to pay attention to what matters it.
1, the diesel engine start
Diesel engine after low-temperature start, the oil pressure rise are to have a process, and in this process the moving parts of the diesel engine can not get enough lubrication, if the speed is quickly increased, easy to cause bearings, cylinder liners and other parts of the need for lubrication wear intensified, and direct load will cause damage to the combustion chamber and other parts. Therefore, after the diesel engine starts at low temperature, the increase in speed should be as slow as possible.
2、The choice of engine oil
The viscosity index of different brands of engine oil is different, its kinematic viscosity, moisture content and use environment are different, therefore, different brands of engine oil are not allowed to be mixed.
3、Idle operation
After the diesel engine starts, if it idles for a long time, it will lead to inadequate combustion of diesel fuel after spraying into the combustion chamber, forming too much carbon and blocking the coupling inside the injector, and also causing the valve seat and piston ring internal gumming. Therefore, the diesel engine is not allowed to idle for a long time after starting.
4、Overload operation
Diesel engine in heavy-duty operation, water temperature is often too high, easy to cause steam injuries. Therefore, it is not allowed to open the water tank pressure cover in the heavy load operation of diesel engines.
5、Choose clean diesel fuel
If the diesel fuel is mixed with too much mechanical impurities, it will intensify the wear of the injector pump and injector internal precision coupling, and in serious cases, it will also cause the moving parts to stall, which will easily cause uneven oil supply to the cylinders of the high-pressure oil pump, reduce power and increase diesel fuel consumption.