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These knowledge about diesel fuel, diesel generator set users must know!

June 23, 2022
Diesel is the main fuel for diesel generator sets, because of the low ignition point of diesel, so the diesel engine ignition form is compression ignition, not only no ignition system, while the structure of the oil supply system is also very simple, more reliable than many gasoline engines, so it is widely used in all walks of life as an emergency backup power supply, but at the same time diesel is also extremely flammable and explosive substances, so the following knowledge about diesel. You diesel generator set users must know!
1, diesel fuel in what circumstances will explode?
When the concentration of diesel vapor reaches the explosion limit (concentration of 0.6%-8.0%), if you encounter open flame or static electricity will explode, which is related to the prevailing air pressure and temperature, atmospheric humidity. The top of the power suggests that the fuel tank is generally not too full, the tank overflow is a very dangerous thing, once encountered open fire will occur spontaneous combustion phenomenon.
2、How many degrees of diesel fuel will explode?
Diesel is combustible, its vapor at 60 ° C will burn and explode when exposed to open flame. Diesel generator set users should pay attention to fire and explosion-proof when stored and used. Diesel caused by fires, explosions occur from time to time, and diesel fuel has a certain toxic effect on the human body, in order to avoid accidents, diesel generator set users in the engine room storage and use of diesel fuel must be "four prevention": anti-deterioration, fire explosion-proof, anti-poisoning, anti-static.
3, the self-ignition point of diesel fuel is how many degrees?
Spontaneous combustion point refers to the minimum temperature at which the combustible material ignites under the specified conditions, and the spontaneous combustion point will change under different atmospheric pressure, generally the lower the air pressure, the higher the spontaneous combustion point, in general, the ignition point of diesel fuel 220 ℃.
4、What are the fire extinguishing measures?
Diesel fuel on fire and explosion, you can use fire extinguishers to save. Foam, dry powder, liquid carbon dioxide fire extinguishers can be. But pay attention to the location of the spray, fire extinguishers to extinguish the best location at the bottom of the flame, but because it is a liquid fire, if you spray against the oil surface may cause the oil to splash with the flame caused by the expansion of the fire, so to the lower part of the flame but can not spray to the diesel liquid.
Diesel fire in the container with fire extinguishers is not too good, in the scene of all the fire extinguishers are ready to put in place after the best one to rescue another person to hurry to prepare a good cover, so as not to run out of fire extinguishers after the fire out of control.
Note: diesel fire remember not to use water to extinguish, to use asphyxiation method, dry powder fire extinguisher, carbon dioxide fire extinguisher.
5、How to store diesel fuel correctly?
Before storing the oil should be cleaned up the tank, do not have water, residual oil, rust, impurities, etc., if the diesel fuel with water or impurities, etc., may seriously damage the fuel pump and injectors, diesel fuel should be fully settled and filtered before use to exclude impurities, generally should not be less than 48 hours.
For safety reasons diesel fuel should be reduced in contact with air, it should be: firstly, airtight storage; secondly, reduce unnecessary back and forth between different storage containers to reduce evaporation and oxidation; thirdly, reduce the space where air exists, fill up some with barrels of oil as much as possible. Because the contact between diesel oil and air, coupled with high temperature, will make some components in diesel oil be oxidized, so that the acid value increases, gum and residual carbon increase.
6, how to choose diesel fuel?
In order to make diesel generator sets have higher reliability and lower fuel consumption, diesel should be used in accordance with the provisions of clean diesel, do not understand the user can use the environment according to the temperature, according to the following table to choose different grades of clean diesel:.