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To avoid fire hazards, diesel generator rooms should be set up like this

July 22, 2022
Diesel generator room is a room for the installation of diesel generators and related facilities, and its fire hazards mainly from diesel generator sets and fuel tanks between and the corresponding power distribution wires and cables, in order to avoid fire hazards and meet the fire acceptance standards, diesel generator sets in the setting to pay attention to the following points.
A diesel generator room plan layout
1. diesel generator room should be close to the important load or distribution substation, can be set up in the first floor of the building, the first basement or the second basement, should not be set up in the third floor and below or the bottom floor.
2. should not be located in a crowded place on the upper level, the next level or close to the adjacent.
3. Generator room, control room and power distribution room should not be set in the toilet, bathroom or other places where there is often water directly below or close to the neighborhood.
Second, the diesel generator room fire separation
1. Diesel generator room area of 50m2 and below should be set up not less than one entrance and exit, in more than 50m2 should be set up not less than two entrances, one of which should meet the requirements of the handling unit, the door should be a fire door, and should take sound insulation measures, open to the outside; generator room and control room, distribution room between the door and observation window should take fire, sound insulation measures, the door should be a class A fire door, and Should open to the generator room.
2. Diesel generator room set up storage room, the total storage volume should not be greater than 1m3, storage room should be used in the fire resistance limit of not less than 3.00h fire partition wall and generator room separation; really need to open the door on the fire partition wall, should be set up class A fire doors.
Third, the internal decoration of diesel generator room
Diesel generator room interior decoration should be used for all A-class decoration materials.
Fourth, the diesel generator room fire facilities
1. A fire alarm device should be set.
2. Should be set with the diesel generator capacity and building scale to adapt to the fire extinguishing facilities, when other parts of the building set automatic sprinkler system, the engine room should be set up automatic sprinkler system.
3. Calculation of the amount of ventilation
(1) the usual ventilation calculation: diesel engine room is located on the ground when the usual ventilation is not less than 3 times, accident ventilation is not less than 6 times; diesel engine room is located in the semi-underground, the usual ventilation is not less than 6 times, accident ventilation is not less than 12 times; diesel engine room is located underground, the usual ventilation is not less than 12 times; oil storage room ventilation is not less than 6 times.
(2) Post-disaster ventilation calculation: the ventilation of the engine room is not less than 5 times for air exchange.
Diesel generator room to strictly comply with the relevant provisions, do a good job of the corresponding design, otherwise it will bring safety hazards, I hope the above introduction to help you, if you throw questions, welcome to consult the top Bo power, top Bo power is a generator manufacturer with nearly 20 years of experience in diesel generator production and manufacturing, has a number of experts led by an excellent technical team of excellence, can solve all kinds of diesel generator set for you related issues.