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What are the advantages of an internal combustion engine?

May 17, 2022
An internal combustion engine is a power machine, which is a heat engine that burns fuel inside the machine and directly converts the heat energy it releases into power. Common internal combustion engines include diesel engines and gasoline engines. By converting internal energy into mechanical energy, internal energy is changed by doing work.
The diesel engine of the diesel generator set we use is also called the internal combustion engine. Compared with the external combustion engine, the internal combustion engine has the following advantages:
(1) High thermal efficiency. The current maximum efficiency of diesel engines can reach 46%, while the reciprocating steam engine is only 11%. High thermal efficiency indicates good economic performance of the internal combustion engine, that is, less fuel consumption.
(2) Compact structure, light weight and small size. Internal combustion engines do not require auxiliary equipment such as large boilers and condensers like external combustion engines.
internal combustion engine
(3) Wide power range and good response performance. At present, the minimum diameter of the diesel engine cylinder is 55mm and the maximum diameter is 1060mm. The minimum power of a single machine is 1.1kW, and the maximum is 35300kW. The same type of diesel engine can be adapted to the needs of various uses with slight changes.
(4) Easy to operate and quick to start. Under normal circumstances, the diesel engine can start up within 35s and reach its maximum power in a very short time. In normal operation, no complicated operations are required.
(5) The operation is safe, and it is not easy to cause fire or explosion accidents, but the structure of the internal combustion engine is relatively complex, the precision is high, the cost is high, and the operation and maintenance skills are also relatively high.