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What are the basic components that support the normal operation of diesel generator sets?

June 09, 2022
Diesel generator sets provide electrical energy to devices that run on electricity by burning fuel for electricity generation. Generators include different elements such as fuel systems, engines, voltage regulators, alternators, control panels, lubrication systems, cooling and exhaust systems. Let's take a look at some of the basic components used in diesel generator operation:
The alternator of the generator:
An alternator is the component of a generator that produces electrical output to produce electricity. The stator and rotor of the alternator surround the latter by a housing unit that includes the important functions of the generator. While the case is plastic or metal, metal is very advantageous because it is less susceptible to damage that could expose moving parts. The main components of an alternator are needle bearings or ball bearings. From two basic elements, ball bearings have a higher service life than needle roller bearings.
Generator fuel system:
The fuel system of the generator mainly includes the connecting pipe from the fuel tank to the engine, the ventilation pipe and the overflow pipe from the fuel tank to the drain pipe, the fuel filter, the fuel pump, and the fuel injector. External fuel tanks are used for large commercial generators. Small generators include a fuel tank on the top or bottom.
Generator control panel:
The generator's control panel is fully functional and is also the part that turns on the generator. An important part of the control panel is electric startup and shutdown. Some generator sets provide automatic functions when power is not available. Engine gauges are also present in the control panel. It helps to check coolant temperature, oil pressure and battery voltage.
Generator engine:
One of the important components of a generator that produces mechanical energy is the engine. Generators can be used for a variety of engines. The engine fully regulates the electricity produced by the generator in the generator. The different fuels used by the generator's engine are natural gas, diesel, gasoline and liquid propane.
Generator Type:
Different kinds of generators are industrial generators, residential backup generators, commercial backup generators, portable diesel generators, mobile trailer generators, silent generators, and more.