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What are the forms of diesel generator combustion chamber?

June 22, 2022
Combustion chamber is the key to the design of diesel generator sets, its merits and demerits of diesel generator sets have a decisive role in the performance of diesel generator sets, in general, the combustion chamber of diesel generator sets have open combustion chamber, pre-combustion chamber and turbulent combustion chamber three forms, in order to help you better understand each one of the components of diesel generator sets, this top Bo power will introduce these three forms of combustion chamber for you in detail.
Open combustion chamber
The combustion chamber is placed directly inside the piston. In the open combustion chamber, diesel fuel can be injected directly into the center of the combustion chamber. The shape of the combustion chamber and the squeeze zone can produce turbulent flow. Sometimes this type of combustion chamber is called "W" shaped combustion chamber.
Pre-combustion chamber
Pre-ignition combustion chamber has been used in the past on both gasoline and diesel engines, which is a small, auxiliary combustion chamber, connected to the main combustion chamber. During the work stroke, fuel is injected into this small combustion chamber. The combustion starts here and then spreads towards the main combustion chamber. There is a very dense mixture in the pre-combustion chamber, but a very lean mixture in the main combustion chamber. The combined effect is an engine with a leaner mixture that produces better fuel economy. Pre-ignition combustion chambers are suitable for small to medium power diesel generator sets.
Turbulent combustion chamber
This type of combustion chamber accelerates the air velocity in the combustion chamber, or increases turbulence. This turbulent air flow can burn more fully when fuel is injected.