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What are the functions of the automatic diesel generator set?

May 17, 2022
The fully automatic diesel generator set has an advanced control system and adopts a special program controller. The system takes the imported programmable logic controller (PLC) as the core, monitors the diesel generator set and the mains, and realizes automatic start and automatic switching functions. There is no need for operators to be specially on duty. So what are the specific functions of the fully automatic diesel generator set? In this article, JUNVOCH, a fully automatic diesel generator manufacturer, will introduce to you.
1) The automatic diesel generator set control cabinet adopts the generator intelligent controller. The controller measures and displays all the parameters of the generator output and the parameters of the engine.
2) The measurement data of the electrical part of the fully automatic diesel generator set include: generator phase voltage, line voltage, current, frequency, active power, reactive power, power factor, active electrical degrees, etc.
3) The measurement data of the engine mechanical part of the automatic diesel generator set include: oil pressure, cooling water temperature, running speed, running time and battery voltage, etc.
4) The fully automatic diesel generator set controller has alarm protection functions such as charging failure, low battery voltage, low oil pressure, high water temperature, overspeed, low speed, high voltage, low voltage, overcurrent, overpower, and failure to start three times.
5) The controller can realize the automatic start and stop of the unit by detecting the presence or absence of mains power. Auto-start and auto-stop time can be set by yourself to fully meet your usage requirements.
6) The controller has three operation modes: automatic/manual/test. The three operation modes are selected by the buttons on the panel.
7) The controller adopts Chinese and English menus that can be selected by yourself, large-screen LCD display, and blue backlight, which is convenient for night operation!
8) All the connections of the controller are connected through pin-type terminals with locks, which makes the connection, movement, maintenance and replacement of the equipment very easy and convenient.
9) The control cabinet is black as a whole, stamped from steel plate. The components used are optimized and selected, with reasonable design, high reliability, stable performance, and simple and convenient operation!
10) The control cabinet panel only has the controller, emergency stop button, and DC 24V buzzer, which is simple and elegant. Contains AC and DC insurance, battery charger, start-up expansion board and other components.