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What are the main technical indicators of three-phase diesel generator sets?

June 20, 2022
For diesel generator sets, it may not be difficult to often hear the adjectives "single-phase" and "three-phase", so what is "single-phase" and what is "three-phase"? Single-phase is 220V voltage, phase line to zero line voltage, three-phase is a.b.c between the phase voltage of 380V, single-phase diesel generators are mainly used for ordinary residential life, while three-phase diesel generators are mainly used for industrial production, in order to let you better understand the three-phase diesel generator set, this top Bo power for you to introduce the main technical indicators of the three-phase diesel generator set are contained in what.
Power index: power index refers to the external work capacity of the diesel engine, generally refers to the power, average effective power, average effective pressure, speed and piston average speed, etc.
(1) effective power: the work done by the diesel engine in a unit of time called power, the unit of power kw, kw = 1000n.m / s. The work done by the diesel engine in the cylinder in a unit of time is called the indicated power. Indicated power minus the internal parts consumed in the friction loss, pumping gas torque loss and harnessing accessories such as mechanical loss of power, after the power drawn from the engine crankshaft is called effective power pe.
(2) average effective pressure: usually use the average effective pressure eight to compare and assess the power performance of various engines, it is a role in the piston top of the hypothetical constant size of the pressure, it is the work done by the piston to move a stroke, equal to the effective work done per cycle.
(3) rotational speed and average piston speed.
① rotational speed diesel engine crankshaft speed per minute, expressed in r / min. Speed has a great impact on the performance and structure of diesel engines, and its range is very wide. Various types of diesel engines use speed range varies.
② piston average speed cm piston in the cylinder movement fishing speed is constantly changing, in the middle of the stroke is larger, in the stop point near the smaller, the stop point is zero. If the diesel engine speed n is known, the average speed of the piston can be calculated by the following formula: cm = 2 * sn/60 = sn/30 (m / s) in the formula s - stroke, m.
Economy index: Economy index generally refers to the fuel consumption rate and lubrication oil consumption rate of diesel engine.
(1) fuel consumption rate: fuel consumption rate is referred to as fuel consumption rate. It is the number of grams of oil consumed per kilowatt hour of diesel engine work, the unit is g/(kwh). The fuel consumption rate per kilowatt hour in terms of indicated power is called the indicated fuel consumption rate, and the fuel consumption rate per kilowatt hour in terms of effective power is called the effective fuel consumption rate. The former indicates the indicator of the economy of a diesel engine. The latter indicates the effective indicator of the economy of an oil engine.
(2) Slip oil consumption rate: The number of grams of slip oil consumed per kilowatt hour when the diesel engine is in the calibrated working condition is called the slip oil consumption rate, and the unit is g/(kw.h).
Weight and size index: The weight and size of the diesel engine is an index to evaluate the compactness of the diesel engine and the utilization rate of metal materials. Various types of diesel engines have different requirements on weight and size.
(1) weight indicator: the weight indicator of diesel engine is usually measured by the specific mass. Specific mass (gw), also known as unit power quality, is the net weight of the diesel engine gw and the ratio of the calibrated power pe, that is, gw = gw/pe (kg/kw) the so-called net weight is not including fuel, lubricating oil, cooling water and other ancillary equipment and auxiliary systems not directly installed in the body of the internal combustion engine quality.
(2) dimensional indicators: dimensional indicators, also known as compactness indicators, refers to the overall compactness of the diesel engine layout indicators.
Exhaust pollution indicators: in the exhaust of diesel engines contain a small number of very harmful emissions. They are carbon monoxide co, hydrocarbons hc, nitrogen oxides no and sulfur dioxide so2. these combustion products into the atmosphere, pollution of the environment and harmful to human health, thus causing social hazards.