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What are the precautions for installation of silent generator set fuel tank

July 27, 2022
What are the precautions for the installation of the oil tank of the silent generator set? The oil tank or oil drum should be placed where the eyes can see, properly away from the mute generator set, and smoking is strictly prohibited in the vicinity. I give you an introduction, the main content is as follows.
If the fuel tank is user-made, it should be noted that the fuel tank of the standby silent generator set should be made of stainless steel or steel plate, and the interior of the tank should not be painted or galvanized. This will cause a chemical reaction with the diesel fuel and produce impurities that may cause damage to the silent generator set, reducing the quality, cleanliness and incineration efficiency of the diesel fuel. After the tank is placed, the highest oil level shall not be higher than 2.5m above the base of the silent generator set. if the oil level of the large oil depot is higher than 2.5m, a day tank shall be added between the large oil depot and the silent generator set so that the direct supply oil pressure is not greater than 2.5m. even in the case of the silent generator set off, fuel is not allowed to flow into the diesel engine by gravity through the inlet pipe or injection pipe.
The resistance at the oil port must not exceed the specified value when using the clean filter element as specified on the functional data sheet of all hydrostatic generator sets. This resistance value is based on the fact that the fuel tank is half full of fuel.
The end of the fuel tank supply line should be approximately 50 mm above the bottom of the silent generator set fuel tank to prevent sediment and water from being drawn into the supply line.
The return line connection shall not create shock waves in the fuel line of the quiet generator set.
The fuel capacity in the tank should ensure daily supply. The fuel supply and return areas of the fuel tank shall be provided with perforated diaphragms to reduce heat exchange in the silent generator set.