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What are the requirements for diesel generator sets equipped in high-rise residential quarters?

June 02, 2022
With the continuous improvement of modern people's living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for supporting facilities in residential areas, especially large high-rise residential areas. For the fire safety of the residential area, it must be equipped with special diesel generators for elevators and fire protection. Units, high-rise residential quarters must be equipped with generator sets, which are stipulated by the state to ensure that the elevator can operate normally during the power outage. During the fire acceptance inspection of residential quarters, it is also necessary to check this item, otherwise it will not pass the fire inspection acceptance. So what requirements must the diesel generator sets equipped in high-rise residential quarters meet?
       1. Capacity configuration: The minimum requirement is to be able to meet the output power of the elevator and fire pump in the event of a power outage.
       2. In configuration: it is required to have the function of automatic and automatic switching of mains-generator power supply. In the event of an emergency power failure, the fire-fighting diesel generator set must be automatically started, automatically generated, and automatically closed within 30 seconds (adjustable). After the mains returns to normal power supply, the unit should also stop power generation and switch off within 30 seconds (adjustable), so that the mains can supply power normally.
       3. Noise requirements: Usually, the operating noise of the generator set is about 95-105 decibels, which cannot meet the requirements of community noise, so noise reduction treatment is required. There are two solutions here. One is to directly configure the silent box device. This silent generator has a small design, beautiful appearance and environmentally friendly materials, which can reduce the noise to 75 decibels. The second is the noise reduction of the generator room, which is more suitable for large-scale communities, and the generator set is relatively large, but the cost of noise reduction in the engine room is relatively high.
       4. The power of the purchased diesel generator set must be sufficient, and the quality must pass the test. Therefore, it is very important to buy from a professional and reliable manufacturer.
       The above are some of the requirements that diesel generator sets equipped with high-rise residential quarters must meet. Generally, we call residences with 10 floors and above as high-rise residences. Such high-rise residential quarters generally design different numbers of elevators according to different floor heights. Therefore, when purchasing a diesel generator set in a residential area, the user should fully consider the capacity of the generator set. When an emergency occurs in the real estate (such as fire, earthquake, typhoon, etc.), the standby diesel generator set can replace the paralyzed power supply system. Play an important role .