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What are the special features of the maintenance of silent diesel generator sets?

June 30, 2022
According to the appearance structure classification, diesel generator sets can be divided into open-frame generators, silent generators, mobile trailer generators, etc. In recent years, the use of silent diesel generator sets is becoming more and more widespread, which are mainly used for special occasions with more stringent noise requirements, such as schools, hospitals and senior elevator apartments, etc. The essential difference between silent generators and general generators is that their units are installed outside the sound insulation cover The essential difference between silent generators and general generators is that they are equipped with a sound insulation cover on the outside and a muffler built in to reduce the noise. To ensure the normal operation of the silent generator set, the user should pay attention to the relevant maintenance issues, the following maintenance guidelines, I hope you will help.
A, silent generator set daily maintenance.
1, check the silent generator set work daily.
2, check the mute generator set: oil plane, coolant plane.
3, daily inspection of the mute generator set for damage, leakage, whether the belt is slack or wear.
4, check the work of the instruments.
Second, the mute generator set weekly maintenance.
1, repeat the daily maintenance items, take the mute generator set check seriously.
2, check the air filter, clean or replace the air filter core.
3, release the water or sediment in the fuel tank and fuel filter.
4, check the water filter.
5, check the starting battery.
6, start the silent generator set and check for any impact.
7, with air and water Sin cooler front and rear end of the heat sink.
To maintain the stable performance of the silent generator set, in addition to the quality assurance of the unit, correct, timely and careful maintenance is also essential to ensure the normal operation of the unit, reduce unnecessary wear and tear, prevent breakdowns, extend the service life of the unit and reduce the user's operating costs.